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27 September 2011

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Yoga For A Well Sculpted Frame

The utmost desire on every woman’s wish list is to obtain that hourglass figure that can grab eyeballs with every step she takes. This often leads them to resort to measures such as rigorous dieting or starvation and indulging in heavy exercise regimes. Undoubtedly exercising and a controlled diet are intrinsic to a fitness however there are other holistic practices that can help one tremendously by inducing a comprehensive growth for mind, body and soul.

Yoga as an art has been known to us since centuries however, it is only till recent that people have become aware of its benefits are indulging in it as a daily practice. There are hundreds of asana that can be practiced in the comfort of your own house and these not only help keep your body fit by stretching the muscles and aiding better metabolism but only satiate your spiritual needs through meditation.

Choosing Yoga over any other form of weight loss and workout has its own set of benefits. Unlike exercising one does not really have to stress out their body, in fact once through with these asana, body feels rejuvenated. Yoga also does not have any impending side effects that weight loss pills can cause and most of all, there is no cost involved in practising basic asana such as Pranayam, Trikonasana, Pawanmuktasan, Sarp Asana, Vajra asana, Bhujangasana. So gear up for some power packed yoga sessions and immerse in holistic pleasure

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