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17 October 2011

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What Your Night Time Attire Says About You?

Do you want to know what your night wear indicates? Are you a comfortable, cute, dominant, indulgent, sensual or a no nonsense girl? Your night time attire can reveal what the type of woman you are really are.

Here are few tips on what your night wear indicates and what the hidden messages behind the attires are. Read on!


T-shirts are very functional and hot at the same time.  It indicates ease and practicality and signifies a modern approach to life. It’s basically a comfortable version of the short night dress.    It’s quite sexy at the same very relaxed.


A satin negligee has the capacity to stimulate several of your senses irrespective of whether you’re a male or female. It indicates the readiness for sensuality. Satin garments have always been an embodiment of sensuality. There is nothing like a hot negligee to lift a lady’s spirit. It makes a woman feel very special and lets her rejoice her womanhood.


Pajamas, also known as pyjamas, are timeless, neat and wise, but different styles send out different messages. Plain pajamas suggest orderliness and practicality. A pair of girlishly glitzy pajamas might turn him off but then again it might also indicate that you are carefree and relaxed, after all pajamas are designed for comfort. Flaunting your silk pajamas imply you like to be indulgent and of course sensual.


Women’s lingerie had evolved drastically over the years symbolizing a full-fledged fashion statement. The style is chiefly predominant in France where lingerie enjoys a main place in a woman’s wardrobe. Different types of lingerie indicate different meanings. The short frilly stuff indicates the submissive nature, ‘take me off my night and hold me in your hands forever,’ while the suspender belt types of lingerie implies that you are dominant, self-assured and overriding.

Boxers or Vests:

To be noticed in his ensemble is to indicate a certain level of ease the two of you share. You perhaps have been going on or been in a relationship for long and the comfort shows in your attire. Research also indicates that men find it a big turn on to see their women in their clothes.

Finally, here are few suggestions for men, who prefer to gift lingerie for their wives, fiancés or girlfriends. “Never get her trashy lingerie. She tends to get the wrong message that you think of her as a lady who would wear something so stumpy on a class basis [though there are exceptions to the rule – but this is in terms of ‘majority’]. Speaking from a girl’s point of view, women like to receive lingerie that is lady like, yet makes them feel special. A perfect one would be a little satin slip with perhaps slight lace as details. It makes them feel confident and will lift their spirits instantly.

If you are not comfortable going to the mall, you can perhaps shop online. Online shopping is fast catching and you have more options. Just remember the three keywords while shopping for lingerie – tasteful, lady like and stylish.


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