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27 October 2011

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Watch That Weight

A tempting bowl of sweets, some candied nuts and oodles of fried savouries… needless to say, festive season has a bigger plate than our appetites. In the festive fervour, those uncounted calories are enjoyed and eventually regretted as we step up the weighing scale. Most of us are too tempted to resist the offerings especially when out at social gatherings and events. The bigger question then comes is, how to keep a track of your weight while the binge spree continues.

Check these easy tips that can help you keep a tab on your food consumption and help you maintain those inches so that you still look stunning, post the celebration hours

• Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in milk and cottage cheese based sweets as these are light on stomach and low in calories, however refrain from trying the fried goodies as these are laden with unsaturated fats
• When ready to go out partying, ensure you eat some healthy veggies or fruits before leaving so as to avoid digging in some pound packed snacking at the do
• If your love for alcohol is hard to control, stick to the easier versions such as spirits and refrain from beverages such as beer that add on to the calorie count.
• The hectic schedule may leave you asking for more hours, however ensure you do not skip your meals and succumb to last minute cravings for high calorie junk food
• Cannot make it to the gym amidst the humdrum of the busy days, do not panic. Just increase your daily physical activity. Walk down to the nearby market instead of driving down; choose to climb up the stairs rather than using the elevator when shopping.

These easy ways can be imbibed with no effort into your routine and can help in keeping at bay the unnecessary flab around your problem areas once the celebrations are done with.

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