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12 August 2011

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Under the Knife

Cosmetic surgery is no longer limited to the high class. A tuck here and tuck there could give you the perfect lips. But is it that easy or is it really advisable? There are few questions you need to ask yourself before you take the extreme step.

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First and foremost, check if your doctor is fully trained. A main concern in India is that there are no rigid laws to defend the patients.  So, if you’re at a risk later on you might have to bear the consequences all by yourself.  In places like America, the surgeons necessitate a certificate that is granted by the ‘American Board of Plastic Surgery,’ which is shortly termed as the ABPS. The rules and regulations involved are quite strenuous. Likewise, in India the qualifications include M.Ch [ Master of Chirurgie] or a Diplomat of National Board in Cosmetic Surgery.  Nonetheless, it’s not a must that the surgeons should posses these degrees in India.  The doctors generally take training for a month or two and start performing the surgeries, which is not advisable. Hence, make sure your check if your surgeon is fully trained or has previous experience.

Ideally, in India the surgeons require ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of the surgeries they do and show it to the other prospective patients.  But, it is quite natural for them to show only the successful photographs and in all probability might hide the unproductive or disastrous ones. Also, assure if the surgeries could lead to any complications later on.  Certain experts say that a facelift can end in paralysis or a liposuction can end in malfunctioning of certain parts. So check!

Dr. Aruna, a dermatologist says, “Sometimes it’s more of a psychic problem. You can have a scar right in your cheeks or you may feel you have a flat nose.  I personally suggest people [at least the ones in India or for the ones who can’t travel abroad] to learn to live with it. You can’t say cosmetic surgery is the only solution. While it can be a solution, you can also end up having disastrous consequences.” She also adds, “I know a lady who wanted to do a face lift. But today, she just wouldn’t take the veil away from her face. The surgery was a complete failure and she really couldn’t do anything about it.”  However not all surgeries are a failure. Today cosmetic surgery is rising like never before. The only aspect is that you need to get into the right hands.

Cosmetic surgery can also get too addictive. Once a woman has successfully undergone an operation she comes every now and then to remove a mole or a wart and that can lead to at least three to four surgeries a year.  Is that really essential?

Moreover, cosmetic surgery isn’t something that will change you overnight. For instance, take liposuction- you can remove around 10 percent of your body fat. If you are 100 kilos earlier, after liposuction you are 90 kilos and you would still require being on serious diet or exercise to remove the rest of the fat.

This article is not to discourage anyone from performing cosmetic surgeries.  But you need to be aware of all the consequences and not trust things blindly.  In an attempt to be more beautiful, you tend to lose money, time and you never know –you might even lose your peace of mind. If you are still keen on performing surgeries do a through research of the surgeon and the surgery and then go for it.


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