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08 December 2011

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Top tips for eating well throughout the day


Eating well can not only make you feel better about yourself, but it can also improve your health and energy levels in a fantastic way. Here are some suggestions for ways in which you can eat well, while still enjoying your food. Let’s start with breakfast, which everyone knows is the most important meal of the day. If you have a healthy breakfast it can set you up for the day with a positive attitude and a good start to your food intake. A great thing to have is oatmeal porridge as this is filling but can also help with weight-loss. To sweeten it, substitute sugar for honey and also jazz it up by adding some chopped fruit. Nuts are also very good for you and can add interest to the flavours. Whatever you prefer, add it to your bowl and start your day the right way.

Next, it is important not to snack on sugary or fried foods in-between breakfast and lunch. If you have had a good enough breakfast, then you should not feel the need to snack while at work or shopping by purchasing jewellery from 77diamonds. When lunchtime comes around, choose something healthy yet flavourful and one suggestion is that you add some salad into your usual meals. This is because raw foods are very good for you as cooking can denature the healthy enzymes that are naturally present in foods. You could add things to your salad such as smoked salmon to give yourself some Omega-3, and even some nuts as well. Whatever you like, as long as it is healthy, throw it on your salad to bulk it out and make it tasty.

For dinner, it is important to try and cut down on fried foods, perhaps simply cutting down on the amount of puri you eat and sticking to roti. If you eat a lot of rice, try and substitute white rice for brown. As long as your food is not too fatty and unhealthy, you will feel much better at the end of the day, and if you keep it up, you should start to notice some positive improvements in your health.

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