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21 October 2011

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The Winter Blush

A majority of us face constant skin issues with the onset of winter. Harsh cold breeze, dry atmosphere and rains impact our skin adversely leading to chapping and peeling of skin layers, itching and rashes. It is important to look after the skin and take all essential measure to exfoliate, cleanse and most importantly moisturize it regularly


• Drinking ample quantity of water is a must to keep skin hydrate all the time. Ensure that you consume at least 8 glasses of water in a day during winters.

• Steer clear of oily and fatty foods , winters are often accompanied with hot fried snacks and loads of sweets, however excessive consumption of these can mar your skin

• Use a herbal scrub with seas salts and mineral salts for body and a mild exfoliating scrub with essential oils for your face

• Include moisturising into your daily regime, not just the face but hands, feet, and the entire body needs to be moisturised to prevent dry patches and rashes.

• Use a sunscreen whenever stepping out, it’s a myth that sun is good for skin during winters. The evil UV rays can harm and break your skin’s outer layer leading to chapping of the skin.

• Indulge in an oil bath, at least once a week. Simply mix a few drops of jojoba oil or olive oil in lukewarm water and rest in it. This will not only smoothen the skin but will also relax your nerves.

• To protect your nails, soak them in oil mixed water for some time everyday 3-4 days. Wear gloves when stepping out to prevent drying of hands.

• Use a cream based conditioner for your hair and avoid blow drying as much as possible as it can dry up the hair further.

These simple measures can be accommodated into your daily routine with much ease and will ensure that your body glows like a pearl all through the winter season.

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