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28 December 2011

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The No Compromise Diet

Dieting is a phenomena that most of us happen to undergo every once in a while with an aim to fit back in those perfect waist jeans that give nightmares to our present frame. These are the times when I sacrifice my fatal urges to indulge and stick to a carrot soup and beans salad food to be able to achieve that perfect 10.

Then there are those unavoidable days when a meeting from work or a special occasion takes me to those fancy eat out joints that set my cravings aflutter, to me that is crises where I am hardly able to decide what to gorge on to do justice to my diet without being offensive to the host. Most of us face these situations more often than not and end up succumbing to that lavish cheese platter and deceive the diet plan, seldom do we realise that a quick browse through the menu can actually be a saviour as there is a lot of healthy and delectable food that one can dig in without having guilt pangs thereafter. Still confused? Here are a few smart choices that one can relish without blowing the diet plan

  • Grab that fruit in your bag and finish it much before you even land so that the stomach feels satiated already.
  • Opt for food items that come in a small potion, avoid ordering an expansive platter that includes breads and snacks alongside.
  • Often considered raw and tasteless, salads are the most understated item on a menu card, however with a little twist these can be a full-fledged meal sans any calories. Choose a salad that has your favourite vegetables and you can always ask to have add one for dressing or maybe a few ingredients that catch your fancy such as olives, pieces of chicken and even some pickles.
  • While ordering a main course dish, opt for a sizzler plate (veg or non-veg) as this would include vegetables and is grilled and sautéed with minimal oil.
  • Meat lovers can also opt for a platter of grilled chicken or fish that is braised with negligible fat, the tough bit however is to make the choice of sauce, refrain from a sauce based out of cream or mayonnaise, instead opt for a light tomato or herbs based sauce.
  • If you end up ordering something high calorie by mistake, just consume half a portion to be safe, and you can always choose to dig once home.
  • Steer clear of ordering the dessert, if you must, opt for a fruit compote minus any cream or chocolate.

Eating out can be a cakewalk even when you diet provided you settle for not so mundane and no fat based options that help you stick to your plan.

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