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06 January 2012

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The Mystic Eye Styling

Eyes are one of the most prominent features on a woman’s face that can be enhanced to add that quintessential appeal. With a slight touch of makeup and right tweaking, eyes can define the facial contours making it attractive and overpowering. With detailed emphasis being laid on eye make-up tricks, stylists are exploring every possible realm of it and every season witnesses a mesmerising new art for eye make-up.

Until some years back, a regular tweaking of eyebrows was a mere customary practice for a neat looking face, however make up specialists and celebrity stylists did not take long to suggest that shape of one’s eyebrows can make or mar the look entirely. Read on to understand which eyebrow style can add maximum oomph to your face without leading that extra mile.

  • Oval shape face


Considered the ideal shape, women blessed with an oval face should stick to a soft and mellow eyebrow shape that prevents the face from looking any more angular, a stencil like shape is just about perfect.

  • Square shape face

With a prominent jaw line, the face can be softened with a curve shaped brow or can also be enhanced for a more striking appeal by a peak point eyebrow that has a strong peak at the top of the brow and mellows on the sides.

  • Diamond shape face


Women with such a face type have a wider face with wide forehead and cheekbones. The trick is to make it less wide and more feminine by curving the brows. Opt between the curve brow and the round brow shapes for a stylish appeal.

  • Round shape face

An already round face does not really need any more soft angles instead a defined arch that has a vertical or horizontal shape can help add length to the face making it appear a bit less round. So it is best to settle for a strong arched shape brow that complements the round face type and adds a bit to mystery element to soft contours.

  • Long shape face

To make a long face appear short and even, it is essential to keep away from any arch styled or curved eye brow shapes. The best results can be achieved by keeping the brow straight without any curves. This will help draw the attention away from the length and give an illusion of a balanced look.

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