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5 Style Statements You Don’t Want To Miss This Season

Keeping abreast with style is more an on-going passion than a mere phenomenon for, style much like everything else that we know, is inconstant and has a new flavour to flaunt with every altering season. The promising winter sun beckons all our style divas to gear up in the best of their stuff and stride with élan.

With bargains and discounts shouting aloud your name from all across the shelves, here is our take on a few pieces in your wardrobe that you would want to be caught dead in, and trust us for all the raving and ranting that you’d witness right on the street with these ultimate items •

STYLE CHECK 1 Heat up the winter quotient with the elegant and refined looking velvet coats. Available in an array of patterns and shapes, women with hourglass figures can adorn these in the waistcoat length and those who are blessed with a broad derriere can opt for knee length coats in muted colours like indigo, black, copper and of course silver for that added bling.

STYLE CHECK 2 If you adore that rock star look than this is just the right time to sport It, making waves at the runway and the red carpet alike, leather pants seem to be getting the attention of one and all. Team them up with fitted jackets or trench coats or even micro shorts and sizzle with every step.

 • STYLE CHECK 3 Ballerinas have always been girlie favourites to achieve that quintessential girl next door appeal, besides being snuggle and comforting these add and instant grace to your attire. Check out the season’s rein vented ballerinas in shocking neon shades of yellow, pink and green and add some effervescence to your wardrobe.

 • STYLE CHECK 4 Stylish handbags can instantly up your glamour quotient, making you sway your way to glory. Indulge in some eco-friendly sling bags, hobos or satchel designs from designer houses such as Oestrogen and Dieva. Designs in bamboo, jute, canvas, cloth etc. are light in weight and gel well with a variety of outfits.

 • STYLE CHECK 5 Strap on those eternal time pieces that are savvy, trendy and of course a glamorous addition to your accessory count. Depending on your budget, check out the ranges from high end brands like Movado, Longines or indulge in some discounted prices from Espirit or Fastrack for sporty yet chic designs.

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Be A Self Style Guru

Among the hoard of dressing options that are available for women, most of us still feel a bereft of style after days of repetitive dressing patterns and lack of innovative outfits in our wardrobe. As much as we may like to deny it, but the fact remains that one can’t be undergo a makeover every day, so the most appropriate solution comes across as styling your wardrobe with creativity and innovation for a fresher and trendy approach. Stylists all over the world sing the song of fashion trends, however the primary decisive factor for all women remains comfort, ditch those passing fads and stick to your personal style to be able to carry what you look good in, here are a few tips which we think can be useful when you dress to impress.

 • If western wear fancies you more, investing in a couple of basic black and brown trousers is your best bet. You can always add variety by pairing these with versatile blouses and shirts in multiple designs and styles.

 • Consider your frame and dress accordingly. A gorgeous dress may not be the best outfit for you if it does not fit well but a well draped plain sari can add work wonders if it flatters your shape. Consider your body type before blinding following a trend in vogue. • For those who swear by only ethnic wear, the style statement may get monotonous after a while. Kill the monotony by dressing creatively. For instance, pair a fitted top with a Patiala and throw a matching dupatta for a fusion look or else alter your sari draped get up by replacing a blouse with a sleeveless or halter top.

 • Dig out those closet orphans that have been lying inside for ages and redefine your style by teaming them with different garments. For example, pick out that oversized tunic and wear a skinny jeans underneath it or that complement that old ghagra skirt with a tank top for some glamour.







• Accessorize your plain attires and sizzle in oomph. Add some funky belts in fluorescent colours or throw together a few pieces of statement jewellery.

• Redefining style using stoles and scarves also goes a long way, tie them around your waist as a belt, or below your chest to create an illusion of an empire line or drape it with a knot around your neck. Great style is not just about a never ending wardrobe that is tip to toe in sync with the season’s trends but it is more to do with bringing versatility into the same outfits by mix and match and some creative thought.

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Jazz up the Party with your Style

Struggling to get the right look this festive season? Don’t look any further for we have some tips right from the who’s who of the party circuit to make you shine through the entire gamut of party poopers. Here are a few tips from the horse’s mouth itself to help you decide the perfect look for a Christmas party and the New Year Eve celebration this year.


We know the chill down your spine restricts your chances to sport that ultra glamorous tiny sheer dress, but nevertheless, here is a quick tip to wear that. Wear a shimmery shrug to cover up the dress in style and stay cosy while your exude oomph.

For those in love with leggings, don a pair of leather jeggings for chic look and team it with a velvet or satin tunic for added sensuality. Skirts may be a great option to stay in style, complement your attire with knee length boots and a sultry embellished jacket for a diva look.

Ethnic attires can be a great pick, provided you complement them with matching accessories. Team up a silk saree with a readymade bling choli or wear a churidar with a sultry backless tunic that catches attention. Throw in a stole in bright and vibrant shades of fuchsia, turquoise or purple for an instant charm.

Accessorize keeping in mind the spirit of the occasion. To complement your western attire, wear a cocktail ring or simply don a layered chain for a rock star appeal. Sporting broad leather belts over monochrome dresses or adding a partition to your tunic with a shimmer waist belt are great ways to add versatility to the look.

While sporting an ethnic look, keep it minimal if the dress is heavy and embellished and vice versa. A subtle oxidised necklace or chunky earrings in polki , chandelier cocktail earrings are just the right way to make a mark sans overdoing the effect.

Gear up with your style weapons and steal the show with a refreshing and sensual look this party season.

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Hitting Mid Life Crisis With Style

Ladies in the age group of 30 to 40 years can’t agree more that dressing up is more like a luxury to their age group which they seldom indulge in. With bouts of pressure from the personal as well as professional domains, their underlying desire to enhance their beauty only gets restricted to an occasional family get together or the customary birthday and anniversary celebration.

Average women in all parts of the world become least attentive to their looks, style and preferences as the age dilemma grips them, unless one is a socialite or a power woman celebrity, most of the women in this age group that we come across (our mothers, sisters, wives and even friends) shift their priorities for better causes (read family and work). However as an epitome of beauty, a women only needs to realise that she need not inherit Audrey Hepburn’s look or Sharon Stone’s sex appeal to look smart, all that is needed is some instant creativity and a constant check on your style to walk tall albeit any coats of makeup and indulgent wardrobe.

To all the lovely ladies who have given their love for dressing up a miss, here are few quick ideas to set you aflutter on the fame ground.
• If a bloating tummy hinders your style appeal, invest in some fitted A line skirts that take away the extra bulges and pair these with feminine blouses with lace and ruffles.
• For those women who are conscious of their hips, minimize that derriere beneath six yards of wonder. Experiment with bold colours, printed patterns, these will enhance the curves and add to your style quotient too
• Working women can add a zing of panache to their wardrobes by adding accessories such as silk scarves, broad belts ( tie over skirts or denims), stoles to add some substance to any outfit( ethnic or western) and the latest rage, statement jewellery. Dig out those granny precious stone rings and necklaces and add grace to their attire.

• Invest in quality lingerie, keeping in mind that you primarily need well fitted pieces for work, a couple of glamorous ones for special occasions and of course the strapless versions for revealing blouses and tops.
• Heels can not only make you look taller but also lend a touch of grace and femininity to your posture, however if you refrain wearing heels for the lack of comfort, try sporting platform wedges. These are smarter options that add height and are easy to walk in too.
• When it comes to make up, just stick to basics, a good compact to cover any flaws, organic non smudge kohl for daytime and a waterproof liner for evening can do the trick. Highlight your lips with a pastel lip colour for work and bold reds and coppers for parties.

Remember, styling does not need hours of hard work or exorbitant spending, just think out of the box, get your aesthetics to work and redefine the inner you in less than no time.

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Styling The Mom To Be

As someone has rightly phrased a would be mother’s emotion with the words” My precious little baby I have loved you from the start You are a tiny miracle Laying closely to my heart Each day I feel your presence Each day you heart beats softly As only I could know So I’ll keep this in a special place And remember each year through Of this very special time in my life The moment I carried you”.

Motherhood is one of the most cherishing experiences for a woman and an entirely new phase where she learns to accept the physical and emotional changes to herself. Amidst the rush of emotions and the extra care routine, would be mothers often tend to neglect their wardrobe owing to the changes in their structure and to ensure precautions are taken while dressing up. But to their surprise maternity fashion has evolved drastically over the past few years, with top notch designers and fashion brands launching attractive maternity wear for all age and sizes, it has only grown bigger and better

A quick glance at these handy tips and conquering maternity style will be a cakewalk for all the pretty mommies out there

Invest in a pair of classic maternity jeans, since these can be combined with a variety of tops, tunics or blouses, they are a great wardrobe enhancer .Also these will sure be much in need post-partum.

If versatility is your pick, grab a couple of maternity suits that can be combined with funky tee shirts for day wear and can even make you sizzle through an evening simply by throwing over a silk or satin blouse

·Due to changes in the body frame it becomes essential to opt for healthy and safe undergarments, ditch your underwire bra and wear a sports bra or a regular cotton one for better support and increased comfort.

Buy a few tunics in exciting patterns since these are free flowing they tend to take attention from the ever expanding tummy. Pair these with soft fabric leggings for a great outfit.

Last but not the least, buy flip flops and cute ballerinas in multiple colours since it is advised not to wear heels add some bold and chunky statement jewellery pieces that are striking and complement even the plainest attire.

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