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Foods For A Poreclain Complexion

Fancying a peaches and cream complexion of every model that endorses a fairness cream with envy is but customary to all those zillions of women out there who have made unsuccessful attempts to lighten their skin colour and achieve the perfect radiance on their face.

Cosmetics, treatments, therapies and much more, we have tried it all and undoubtedly, it’s just a negligible difference more often than not.

Much to your surprise, the secret of a beautiful skin, is residing right there in your kitchen for nature’s bounty has all the power to offer you a glowing and attractive skin. Need to know how?

Try these simple tips by using these products or consuming them in your diet and everyone around you will see the healthy difference.

• Rub some fresh lemon juice on your face, let it dry for 10 odd minutes and wash with cold water. The bleaching agents in lemon help lighten the skin tone at least by 2 shades if applied regularly.
• Mix 2 tbsps. of orange peel (grinded) in 4 tbsp. yoghurt. Apply on your face and neck and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water to feel an instant glow that is more than captivating.

• Grind some tulsi(basil) leaves and drain out the juice, mix this with 1 tbsp. lemon juice and rub gently over your face and neck. Wash after 15 minutes. Applying this solution daily will improve the complexion in 10-15 days itself.
• Include items such as oysters, eggs and milk in your daily diet since these are high on Vitamin A which protects the skin against sun damage( darkening, rash marks)
• To achieve a holistic glow on your skin , consume a good deal of Vitamin C by eating fruits such as gooseberry, oranges, strawberries and vegetables like red and green peppers that help in firming the skin.

• Fruits such as papaya, apples and pears, if eaten with their skin, help in lightening the skin complexion, so gorge on these delectable delights.
• Food such as salmon, almonds, legumes and lean meat are full of Vitamin E that nurtures the skin and delays the ageing process.

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Handbag Essentials This Winter


With the serenading whiff of cold wind in the air and erratically chapping lips and peeling skin, winter season certainly calls for some preventive action when it comes to carrying cosmetics and skin care products in your handbag. Each of us have a different skin type and hence it is important to understand the requirements for the same in order to keep it hydrated and glowing all the time.

  • Body Oil

Primarily for women with dry and moderate skin type. A quick application of this after the shower or after washing your hands or feet is a must to ensure a protective layer is built around the skin that prevents any harm from the rough wind.

  •  Moisturising Facial Cleanser

Avoid using any soap or face wash with alkali and stick to cleansers that have moisturising lotion or body oil added to them. If cosmetic is not the way, opt for herbal cleansers and naturally made face masks with organic ingredients.

  • Body lotion/ Moisturiser

This is a must have to ward off the cold and dry winter effect on your skin. Use a liquid based lotion instead of a cream as it spread evenly and hydrates the skin besides keeping it moisturised for a longer time.


  • Hair Serum

Your hair is as much under the scrutiny as your skin, hence some essential care for hair in winters is a pre-requisite for maintaining healthy bouncy hair. Shampoo and warm water can make the scalp dry. To counter the effect of the harsh chemicals just oiling is not sufficient, indulge in a vitamin based serum that will bring back the lustre and keep them frizz free.

  • Lip Balm

The lovely new shade your lip gloss may just end up looking like a blot if your lips are cracked and chapped. Give your lips an indulgent treatment by periodic application of an essential oil based lip balm to keep them soft and supple as you glow in the winter sun.

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A Fragrant Therapy

Aromatherapy has been known to several civilisations across the world since ages; however it is only until late that its benefits are being reaped on. Besides being widely acknowledged as a beauty enhancing treatment, it is also being used for healing purposes to relive stress and other similar ailments.

For those who believe that such an experience is bound to burn a hole in your pocket, cheer up, because with the easy availability of essential oils, one can make use of these at home and immerse in this soothing experience. Here are the few oils that can benefit your mind and body and rejuvenate your sense sans a visit to the spa.

• Sandalwood oil
Extracted from the expensive and fragrant sandalwood, this is a sweet, wood like smelling oil with properties to balance sebum production in your skin and hence reducing scars and acne. Since it regulates blood pressure, people with heart ailments can also be benefited from this. This multipurpose oil acts as an antiseptic for wounds and inhaling it can help prevent nausea and gastric
• Cedar wood oil
Derived from the cedar trees, this oil is yellowish brown in colour. It can be used to cure respiratory problems; it aids in stress relief by inducing sleep, soothes dry skin with its properties, helps ward away mosquitoes and also promotes dieting by inducing frequent urination.
• Rosemary Oil
A colourless and odourless oil, this is derived from the traditional rosemary plant that is well known for its healing properties. Besides calming the senses, it also relieves pain in body aches, improves the mental concentration, aids digestion and acts as a disinfectant. Many therapists also believe that it improves hair growth and prevents greying
• Ylang Ylang oil
Extracted from the Cananga Odarata tree, this well-known oil has a floral and sweet fragrance. It is used for skin improvement purposes since it improves sebum production. A common belief also states that this oil is an aphrodisiac and induces arousal. It improves hair quality by thickening and softening the hair when added to the shampoo and also induces sleep on inhaling.

Besides the above mentioned names, there are many more essential oils available in the markets with healing properties. The best way to use them on skin is through diluting ad direct application and one can inhale them through a vaporiser or by mixing them with warm water.

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The Winter Blush

A majority of us face constant skin issues with the onset of winter. Harsh cold breeze, dry atmosphere and rains impact our skin adversely leading to chapping and peeling of skin layers, itching and rashes. It is important to look after the skin and take all essential measure to exfoliate, cleanse and most importantly moisturize it regularly


• Drinking ample quantity of water is a must to keep skin hydrate all the time. Ensure that you consume at least 8 glasses of water in a day during winters.

• Steer clear of oily and fatty foods , winters are often accompanied with hot fried snacks and loads of sweets, however excessive consumption of these can mar your skin

• Use a herbal scrub with seas salts and mineral salts for body and a mild exfoliating scrub with essential oils for your face

• Include moisturising into your daily regime, not just the face but hands, feet, and the entire body needs to be moisturised to prevent dry patches and rashes.

• Use a sunscreen whenever stepping out, it’s a myth that sun is good for skin during winters. The evil UV rays can harm and break your skin’s outer layer leading to chapping of the skin.

• Indulge in an oil bath, at least once a week. Simply mix a few drops of jojoba oil or olive oil in lukewarm water and rest in it. This will not only smoothen the skin but will also relax your nerves.

• To protect your nails, soak them in oil mixed water for some time everyday 3-4 days. Wear gloves when stepping out to prevent drying of hands.

• Use a cream based conditioner for your hair and avoid blow drying as much as possible as it can dry up the hair further.

These simple measures can be accommodated into your daily routine with much ease and will ensure that your body glows like a pearl all through the winter season.

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Remedies For Sun Spots!

remedies for freckles or sun spots

People who spend long hours in the sun are prone to sun spots or freckles. Those who are aged too will get these blotchy skin marks. Inorder to treat these follow effective sun spot remedies.

Experts say that the best way to avoid freckles is to stay away from sun. But with the change in weather conditions and other reasons sun is becoming harsh these days. Also it is not easy to avoid sun.

As you progress reading you will find out how you can curb these blotchy marks and have that freckle free skin to your credit.

remedies for freckles or sun spots

  • Take a table spoon of yogurt and honey in a bowl. Blend it well and apply it to the affected areas. Leave it for half an hour and rinse off in lukewarm water.
  • Squeeze the juice from an onion and blend it well with two tea spoons of vinegar. Apply it to those freckles and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse off in room temperature water.
  • Apply papaya pulp to sun spots. Papaya pulp has the properties that can remove dead skin cells and promote the growth of new skin cells. Thus apply it and leave it for 15- 20 minutes, rinse off in lukewarm water.
  • It is known that keeping body dehydrated can fight all sorts of skin problems. Thus strictly drink 8 glasses of water a day. This will help to remove toxins from your body and thus helps to have clear skin.
  • Exfoliating and moisturizing can curb these sun spots. Exfoliating will help to remove dead cells inturn helps in collagen production. While the use of moisturizer, will keep your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Most importantly protecting your skin from sun can only save from freckles. Thus apply sunscreen lotion every time you step out of house. Even inside house use this. Ensure to avoid long exposure to sun.

Have that freckle free skin to your ownership and enjoy healthy skin days.

remedies for freckles or sun spots

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