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The Cocktail Dress Code

Unlike the wedding occasions or the official celebrations, dressing up for a cocktail party is an entirely different ball game. Since there is no boundary line to distinguish whether one ethnic wear will be more appropriate or western styles will be more serenading, women often tend to get caught with this dilemma.

You choice of outfit and a certain look should actually be dependent on certain decisive factors such as the reason behind the celebration (formal or informal invite), the venue (a lounge or an open air lawn) and of course the weather (summers or winters). Consider these primary factors before decking up in any particular fashion.

Ethnic Wear

Stick to churidar Kurtas with applique, sequins or shimmer work (not overdone) in bright shades or minimalistic sarees in sheer, net, georgette. Complement the saree with a stylish halter blouse or a backless choli. Refrain from too much shine and bling on your dress rather keep it understated with easy make up and accessories.

Western Wear

A classic evening gown in satin, velvet or crepe can enhance your sensuality and if you are comfort driven, a knee length fall dress in mono chromatic shades or a feminine skirt with a matching blouse can be your best bets.

Fusion Wear

Pair an ethnic tunic with sheer leggings or even a heavy embroidered choli with a pair of jodhpuri pants or boyfriend jeans for a more dramatic look. Teaming up a lehnga skirt with a fitted top is another great way to define your curves without going over the top


Depending on the attire, carefully choose the accessories; add a dash of gold or stone based jewels to go along with an ethnic get up. For western wear stick to a simple statement jewellery piece (a cocktail ring/ a stone pendant or a handcuff) that does not draw attention from your dress.


Hair and Make up

A no fuss look with hair straightened is handy and elegant, at the same time; you can also opt for girly curls to complement a simple and understated dress. Retro buns with hair accessories can be enticing but ensure to pin them up carefully to avoid your hair going haywire in the middle of the party.

Highlight your facial contours by emphasising on the dramatic eye trend. Create smoky eyes using non-smudge kohl, a waterproof liner and fill the brows with a shimmer based eye shadow. Bolder shades like maroon and reds are an excellent way to enhance your sex appeal without much effort so indulge in this and finish the look with a neutral lip gloss.

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Style Your Body Right

Each of us is gifted with a unique frame and it is essential for all women to understand their body type and develop a style sense that complements the body. Blindly following the season’s trends can only mar your aesthetic sensibilities unless the style is carried in accordance with your body type.

Check out the different body types and ensure your clothes are in sync with it

Women as tall as 5’2 or 5’3 inches, with a close to skinny frame, with a small bust line and a small bottom are classified under the petite category. Lucky enough to carry most clothes with ease, these women can adorn themselves with straight fit or skinny jeans, knee length skirts, jumpsuits and maxi dresses in single tone shades to make them look taller. Use a lot of variation on sleeves such as power shoulder, sleeves with ruffles. Dresses than enhance curves with extreme fits can lend a bolder structure. To complement the attires, use high heels and platform and get the perfect look.

Pear shaped
Pear shaped women have a wider bottom and hence need to balance out the outfits in a way that enhances the upper body and the torso. The best way to accomplish this is through wearing a lot of prints on the upper part of the body. From floral to metallic prints, retro polka dots, graphic prints etc. can be a great saviour. The idea is to draw away attention from the hips by focusing on the top part. Sport cropped pants, A line dresses and waist length tops to camouflage the bottom.

Apple shaped
These women are blessed with a broader top in comparison with to their bottom side. With a big rack and wide shoulders, the trick is to make the body look appropriately shaped by styling. The easiest way to achieve so is by layering, as it will take the gaze off your wide top. Choose tops and dresses that highlight your well sculpted bottom, for example, empire line tops or dresses, tee shirts that have a falling shoulder or cowl neck tops. Indulge in some bootleg and flared trousers to get a wide bottom illusion and make up for the cleavage.

HourglassThe luckiest of all women, these surely have a gifted frame that is every on looking woman’s envy. A proportionate body with well-defined curves on top and bottom enables them to dress in a versatile way. However women with an hourglass figure can use bold prints for an increased sex appeal. Try variations between metallic prints, shimmer based clothes, sequins or monochrome prints . Shift dresses that end in varying lengths are another way to boost your curves and steal attraction. Opt for dresses or skirts that have special embroidery, patchwork, and detailing, fitted silhouettes that define your booty. Choose flouncy fabrics such as sheer, georgette and those who love to experiment can try out something bold as leather. Indulge in leather pants or try out a leather corset and stand out from the crowd with panache.

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The Shimmer Story

The art of makeup has been known to do wonders lending an instant touch of glamour to even the plain Jane look. Trends in fashion and make up application have novel ideas to offer with every season that passes. Some styles remain evergreen and others share their two minutes of fame before disappearing into the blues.

The concept of shimmer and bling has been quite a recent phenomenon and has become immensely popular with all those who love to go an extra mile with their persona and sport a touch of glam. Shimmer not just graces the antique work outfits or sassy little party dresses but has managed to reach up our sleeves, neck and shoulders to add a bling effect to regular make up. Fashion experts claim that the if applied appropriately, one can also flaunt a little shimmer during day and not restrict its usage to an evening occasion.

Are you keen to embrace the shimmer look, go ahead and apply a liberal dose of your shine with the help of the following ideas

• First and foremost, make your pick right. Do not get confused between shimmer and frost, the former is lightweight and looks refreshing whereas the latter one has a caked up appearance, so choose carefully.
• Choosing the appropriate brush to apply is a must. Unless blended well, it can look ugly, so ensure you pick a nice fluffy brush, and mix it well so that the glitter particles do not outdo the makeup.
• When applying shimmer, remember that you want to look like a diva and not a buffoon at the circus, so apply it judiciously. If using it for your cheeks and forehead, use it sparingly. One can also enhance the eye makeup with shimmer along with a touch up on the chin.
• Before applying shimmer to eyes, try and cover them up with a powder shadow to the inner corners and top it with a sleek line of shimmer, this will prevent smudging. However strictly avoid using shimmer at all places together.
• With revealing outfits, you can make most of shimmer by using it around your shoulders, back and a little bit on the cleavage. The trick however is to apply it in a subtle manner and yet look like a bling goddess

Whichever age group you belong to, add a touch of shimmer to your make up in smart ways and get ready to make heads turn as you walk.

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Soak In The Festive Spirit

With the festive season swinging in all its fervour, there is a mood of joy, an expression of merry making all around. Indulgence in food, party and of course a few games of cards witness the onset of the festival of lights. With such rush around, one cannot help but desire to look like million dollars and put their best foot forward each time they step out

Attire Alert
Dig out those ethnic wear collections from your closet. Women can sport silk or crepe sarees with sequins gota border or churidar suits with very trendy empire line, anarkali design and hand embroidery, whereas Men can try a different look by opting for silk Kurtas teamed with a pair of denims or a churidar and if you dare to experiment, try out a pair of silk dhotis and get ready to fetch compliments.

Jaw Dropping Accessorises
It’s just the right time to take out your grandma’s jewellery with antique polki and kundan work , for those who swear by elegance, flaunt those diamond rocks and if understated is the way you like it to be, oxidised silver jewellery can describe you the best. Men can indulge in a thin strap chain or a slinky bracelet. Carry those authentic silk potlis to distribute gifts.

Glow that Shows
Enhance your best facial features by using a lot of shimmer in vibrant shades of copper, green, blue and splurge some lip gloss in pink, fuchsia, and purple, because the season demands you to glow amidst the sparkling lights, steer clear of liquid based products to avoid smudging.

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