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Consider your wardrobe incomplete if any of these is missing. Every woman needs to poses these simply essential items for day to day life and look fashionable and stylish also.

  •  A good pair of jeans.
    This is a must have ,whereby the fit should be comfy and perfect, and can be teamed up with tops, tshirts etc
  • LBD (Little Black Dress).
    The little black dress is a savior on varios occasions whereby u need something simple and yet sophisticated to wear,and change up the look with accessorizing it.
  • Tube dress or day dresses.
    Especially during summer,these get handy ,preferably cotton ones,they can save you from the heat and humidity plus they look adorable.
  • A trench coat.
    It can easily hide your outfit if its not flaterring and perfect for winter days as well.
  • A pair of shorts.
    It needs to be a neutral color that you can mix n match with tshirts,shirts etc.
  • A blazer.
    For those important days at work ,it come in handy and make you look professional as well.


  • A  pencil skirt and waistcoat.
    These two wil make you look smart in seconds,completely essential for working women.
  • Party wear.
    Those days when you need to shake the stress off, do it in style.Have essential part wear like sequin tops ,metallic pants , boots and so forth.
  • Multi-purpose handbag.
    That one sack that you can carry anywhere is vital,saves money and space.




  • Accessories.
    They are a girl’s middle name.They can change up an outfit very easily.Stock up on them from earrings to bangles to necklaces to belts.
  • A killer dress.
    A cocktail dress for making a statement is needed.

  • Boots, peep toes, black pumps, gladiators, ballerina shoes
    With these shoes ,you can easily team them up with any of the above outfits.

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From plain to divah in 10 minutes!

Completely transform yourself into a divah in 10 minutes to spare! From makeup to outfit ..these are the ABC’s.

Firstly, grab your face wash, after washing the face next apply a thin layer of foundation followed by concealer, then outline your eyes with a black eye pencil, choose a shade of eye shadow, depending on what you wearing,where you going and time of the day, a lil dap of lipgloss for shine lastly apply a thin line of eyeliner followed by the queen of makeup –mascara.

Eye shadow shades :

– for the day : opt for less flashy colors like nude,pinkish ,brown etc as long as its applied minimally n dosnt have a substantial shine.

– for the evening: you can go wild with colors and shine ,mettalic eyelids also depending where you goin,if for dinner little bright don’t look over the top but sparkle does.


. To work : Pencil skirt or Pants(Depending on the availability of whats in your wardrobe) teamed up with a white shirt and a colorful neck scarf,a chunky wrist watch,stud earrings and ankle boots or black pumps and the last thing you need are your car keys and your off to work!

. For a date: You don’t want to dress up too much for it so an LBD (little black dress) will be perfect,throw some accessories around with some ruffled hair or updo is fine.

. For a party night out: For the glitz get a sequin leggings and they’l do all the blinging keep it low toned ontop though u don’t want to end up looking like a disco ball! Or go for a white vest with metallic pants with a lil jacket or a plain top with a statement belt with either a mini skirt or tights with boots! Or if you are a dress person, go for a cream fringed dress with a two tone peep toe!And don’t forget that clutch!Rock that dancefloor!

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