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Detox Decoded

After the much celebrated festive season, what are left are an expanded waistline and a grinding routine to cater to. If like many others, you also feel bogged down by an unhealthy and erratic schedule, here is a quick solution for you to beat the blues and revive your senses. Detox is just the appropriate concept that can lead to complete rejuvenation for your body and soul. Don’t panic for it does not require you to stay hungry for days and meditate for hours, these will be just a few simple tips and tricks to lead you to a healthier and happier frame.

• Steer clear from anything that is artificial, give up your favourite chocolates, confectionary, breads for as many as 7 days
• Drink a good amount of water every day to flush the toxins out. Begin by consuming a cup of warm water with lemon juice and honey to aid digestion.
• Indulge in everything that is organic. Consume chunky potions of fruits and vegetables at least thrice a day. Those who like to remain filled can also opt for fresh fruit juices; however refrain from using the canned versions as these are loaded with preservatives.
• Stir 2 tbsps. Of sea salt into 950 millilitres of warm water and drink it empty stomach to flush out matter instantly.
• Eat whole foods such as wheat and eliminate any intake of flour, and flour based preparations.
• One can also include lean protein in the form of eggs but since the purpose is to de- toxify, refrain from poultry and other non-vegetarian items for a week
• If raw food doesn’t go well with your palette, opt for steamed or blanched food, frying and baking is a complete no.
• Coffee lovers do not really need to sacrifice their intake, however use an organic brew instead of the regular instant coffee and indulge in not more than 2 cups a day.
• Stay away from alcohol and smoking as it will mar the purpose of the detoxification regime

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Detox Beckons

Diets and weight loss programs have been quite an eye catcher in the recent years, however, it is the fervour for detoxification that has not only managed to rake in a great deal of moolah but has gained imminence owing to excellent results it offers.

Detoxification or Detox (as it is popularly known as) is a concept that aims to clean and purify the body and release the toxins by eliminating the consumption of artificial and harmful food items and addictions. This may include steering clear from processed foods, alcohol, tobacco or any other drugs that can intoxicate the body.

Many a times this idea is compared to dieting, since it encourages resistance to food in favour of a better and healthier mind and body but the detoxification therapy has more than one facet to it unlike the phenomena of diets. Unlike dieting one can eat everything that is natural and organic and detoxify, also it encourages the subjects to follow meditation, yoga and for spiritual and mental healing. These practices in turn help to curb depression, emotional binging disorders and even fatigue due to pressures of life.

Detoxification can be achieved through various detox diets and methods, depending on individual choice and body stamina, however do consult your physician once before stepping ahead with anything.

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