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Pout Pourrie

Each one of us wishes to have that glistening pout that splashes a beautiful picture every time we smile. However the perils of the modern day lifestyle impact our lips adversely leaving them dry, cracked or chapped mostly. It is imperative to take extra care of your lips by providing them essential nutrients such as Vitamin E and moisturise them regularly to make them supple and soft.

Follow these easy tips to get those luscious lips that are everyone’s envy

  •  The most effortless way to keep your lips hydrated is by consuming water at regular intervals. It will help them remain moist and lubricated all the time.
  • If your job involves being on the road, carry a lip balm to protect lips against harsh weather
  • Applying a mixture of rose water and honey by rubbing it softly can be a great way to smoothen them.
  • One can also include supplements for Vitamin B2 (on medical practitioner’s advice) if the skin is prone to chapping frequently.
  • Rubbing unsalted butter, olive oil or almond oil gently can also help in calming the irritation caused by dry skin.
  • When choosing the lipstick or lip gloss, check for the ingredients used and ensure they are not causing any allergy to your lips.
  • Refrain from licking your lips frequently as it will dry out the lips.

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For Sugar Dew Hands

How often have we resisted a handshake, knowing the other person has chapped, rough or scaled hands? Well do not run your grey cells here, chapping and roughening of hand is one of the most common conditions for both men and women, more so, because in an attempt to look good, hands are often neglected, in favour of layers of makeup and a glowing.

A healthy scrubbing and moisturising routine is as integral for your hands as it is for your face. Follow these simple and easy tips for supple and beautiful hands

• Scrub gently using a vitamin e based hand wash or use a mixture of honey and lime, rub it all over the hands, let it dry for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water
• A quick 5 minute massage with sea salt can be an extremely good scrub for the hands, indulge in this at least once a week
• Whenever stepping out, ensure to apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 15
• Moisturise your hands well with a liquid moisturiser preferably and one can even apply some milk mixed with rose water to hands and rub it vigorously for soft hands
• Indulge in a home based manicure, using a pack of egg white. Work on your nails by removing cuticles and moisturise with a thick lotion to retain the softness

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