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The Cocktail Dress Code

Unlike the wedding occasions or the official celebrations, dressing up for a cocktail party is an entirely different ball game. Since there is no boundary line to distinguish whether one ethnic wear will be more appropriate or western styles will be more serenading, women often tend to get caught with this dilemma.

You choice of outfit and a certain look should actually be dependent on certain decisive factors such as the reason behind the celebration (formal or informal invite), the venue (a lounge or an open air lawn) and of course the weather (summers or winters). Consider these primary factors before decking up in any particular fashion.

Ethnic Wear

Stick to churidar Kurtas with applique, sequins or shimmer work (not overdone) in bright shades or minimalistic sarees in sheer, net, georgette. Complement the saree with a stylish halter blouse or a backless choli. Refrain from too much shine and bling on your dress rather keep it understated with easy make up and accessories.

Western Wear

A classic evening gown in satin, velvet or crepe can enhance your sensuality and if you are comfort driven, a knee length fall dress in mono chromatic shades or a feminine skirt with a matching blouse can be your best bets.

Fusion Wear

Pair an ethnic tunic with sheer leggings or even a heavy embroidered choli with a pair of jodhpuri pants or boyfriend jeans for a more dramatic look. Teaming up a lehnga skirt with a fitted top is another great way to define your curves without going over the top


Depending on the attire, carefully choose the accessories; add a dash of gold or stone based jewels to go along with an ethnic get up. For western wear stick to a simple statement jewellery piece (a cocktail ring/ a stone pendant or a handcuff) that does not draw attention from your dress.


Hair and Make up

A no fuss look with hair straightened is handy and elegant, at the same time; you can also opt for girly curls to complement a simple and understated dress. Retro buns with hair accessories can be enticing but ensure to pin them up carefully to avoid your hair going haywire in the middle of the party.

Highlight your facial contours by emphasising on the dramatic eye trend. Create smoky eyes using non-smudge kohl, a waterproof liner and fill the brows with a shimmer based eye shadow. Bolder shades like maroon and reds are an excellent way to enhance your sex appeal without much effort so indulge in this and finish the look with a neutral lip gloss.

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Hitting Mid Life Crisis With Style

Ladies in the age group of 30 to 40 years can’t agree more that dressing up is more like a luxury to their age group which they seldom indulge in. With bouts of pressure from the personal as well as professional domains, their underlying desire to enhance their beauty only gets restricted to an occasional family get together or the customary birthday and anniversary celebration.

Average women in all parts of the world become least attentive to their looks, style and preferences as the age dilemma grips them, unless one is a socialite or a power woman celebrity, most of the women in this age group that we come across (our mothers, sisters, wives and even friends) shift their priorities for better causes (read family and work). However as an epitome of beauty, a women only needs to realise that she need not inherit Audrey Hepburn’s look or Sharon Stone’s sex appeal to look smart, all that is needed is some instant creativity and a constant check on your style to walk tall albeit any coats of makeup and indulgent wardrobe.

To all the lovely ladies who have given their love for dressing up a miss, here are few quick ideas to set you aflutter on the fame ground.
• If a bloating tummy hinders your style appeal, invest in some fitted A line skirts that take away the extra bulges and pair these with feminine blouses with lace and ruffles.
• For those women who are conscious of their hips, minimize that derriere beneath six yards of wonder. Experiment with bold colours, printed patterns, these will enhance the curves and add to your style quotient too
• Working women can add a zing of panache to their wardrobes by adding accessories such as silk scarves, broad belts ( tie over skirts or denims), stoles to add some substance to any outfit( ethnic or western) and the latest rage, statement jewellery. Dig out those granny precious stone rings and necklaces and add grace to their attire.

• Invest in quality lingerie, keeping in mind that you primarily need well fitted pieces for work, a couple of glamorous ones for special occasions and of course the strapless versions for revealing blouses and tops.
• Heels can not only make you look taller but also lend a touch of grace and femininity to your posture, however if you refrain wearing heels for the lack of comfort, try sporting platform wedges. These are smarter options that add height and are easy to walk in too.
• When it comes to make up, just stick to basics, a good compact to cover any flaws, organic non smudge kohl for daytime and a waterproof liner for evening can do the trick. Highlight your lips with a pastel lip colour for work and bold reds and coppers for parties.

Remember, styling does not need hours of hard work or exorbitant spending, just think out of the box, get your aesthetics to work and redefine the inner you in less than no time.

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Make Up That Lasts From Dawn To Dusk

Ever wonder how easy life will be if there are no touch ups required at all in a day, if your hair and makeup are just as much in place at the end of the day , as they were when the day begun. Contrary to the popular belief that it’s only the expensive products that lasts long, It is the little tips tricks that are the secret to a lasting make up. Check how

Eye Study
Rather than struggling to cover those visible under eye circles, it is best to sleep a bit extra on the weekends and restore that natural beauty of your eyes. Cover the eyes with a moisturiser first and then apply a bronzer to make it last long.
Ditch the smoky black hue for eye shadows and instead opt for a cobalt blue tone, Starting at the upper edge drag it to the lower end and follow with Mascara for added effect.

Glowing Skin
For the ultimate glow throughout the day, apply a coat of foundation on the face first and then cover it with shimmer powder, this helps hold the shimmer and lend you an eternal glow.
Using a sheer blush is a great way to enhance the rosy tint on your cheeks, ensure that you apply this with a powder base as it won’t wash down with sweat or water over a period of few hours.

Kissable Lips
Using an orange or pink gloss has the best effect during the day time especially if you plan to spend the day out in sun. It will prevent lips from chapping and will lend that girly sheen to your pout too.
To help a seductive lip shade last longer, apply a little concealer on the lips and then fill them up with your favourite lip colour.

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Soak In The Festive Spirit

With the festive season swinging in all its fervour, there is a mood of joy, an expression of merry making all around. Indulgence in food, party and of course a few games of cards witness the onset of the festival of lights. With such rush around, one cannot help but desire to look like million dollars and put their best foot forward each time they step out

Attire Alert
Dig out those ethnic wear collections from your closet. Women can sport silk or crepe sarees with sequins gota border or churidar suits with very trendy empire line, anarkali design and hand embroidery, whereas Men can try a different look by opting for silk Kurtas teamed with a pair of denims or a churidar and if you dare to experiment, try out a pair of silk dhotis and get ready to fetch compliments.

Jaw Dropping Accessorises
It’s just the right time to take out your grandma’s jewellery with antique polki and kundan work , for those who swear by elegance, flaunt those diamond rocks and if understated is the way you like it to be, oxidised silver jewellery can describe you the best. Men can indulge in a thin strap chain or a slinky bracelet. Carry those authentic silk potlis to distribute gifts.

Glow that Shows
Enhance your best facial features by using a lot of shimmer in vibrant shades of copper, green, blue and splurge some lip gloss in pink, fuchsia, and purple, because the season demands you to glow amidst the sparkling lights, steer clear of liquid based products to avoid smudging.

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5 Minutes To The Glam You

You have a sky soaring professional life and amidst a chaotic day your boss decides to take everyone out for a drink at this new club around the street or your better half plans a surprise dinner out and asks you to head straight from work. The first thought that comes to our minds is how we can step out in professional gear sans any makeover.

For all those ambitious women, here are a few instant tricks that can pep up your look for any do in a jiffy
• Keep a pack of wet tissues and a face wash to wipe your face for a rejuvenated glow.
• Just dab some mascara and a vibrant(green or blue) shade of eye make up for those twinkling eyes
• Dazzle like a diva by ditching your matte lip colour for a shimmer based shade in red or burnt orange.
• Throw a floral or lace decked scarf for a feminine and softer approach.
• If you love big bags, do stock a pair of heels for an instant makeover and of course some pot -porrie perfume for that enchanting spell.

These few items can be stored in your office drawer or you handbag and can be great resuce delights for last minute plans.

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