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Styling The Mom To Be

As someone has rightly phrased a would be mother’s emotion with the words” My precious little baby I have loved you from the start You are a tiny miracle Laying closely to my heart Each day I feel your presence Each day you heart beats softly As only I could know So I’ll keep this in a special place And remember each year through Of this very special time in my life The moment I carried you”.

Motherhood is one of the most cherishing experiences for a woman and an entirely new phase where she learns to accept the physical and emotional changes to herself. Amidst the rush of emotions and the extra care routine, would be mothers often tend to neglect their wardrobe owing to the changes in their structure and to ensure precautions are taken while dressing up. But to their surprise maternity fashion has evolved drastically over the past few years, with top notch designers and fashion brands launching attractive maternity wear for all age and sizes, it has only grown bigger and better

A quick glance at these handy tips and conquering maternity style will be a cakewalk for all the pretty mommies out there

Invest in a pair of classic maternity jeans, since these can be combined with a variety of tops, tunics or blouses, they are a great wardrobe enhancer .Also these will sure be much in need post-partum.

If versatility is your pick, grab a couple of maternity suits that can be combined with funky tee shirts for day wear and can even make you sizzle through an evening simply by throwing over a silk or satin blouse

·Due to changes in the body frame it becomes essential to opt for healthy and safe undergarments, ditch your underwire bra and wear a sports bra or a regular cotton one for better support and increased comfort.

Buy a few tunics in exciting patterns since these are free flowing they tend to take attention from the ever expanding tummy. Pair these with soft fabric leggings for a great outfit.

Last but not the least, buy flip flops and cute ballerinas in multiple colours since it is advised not to wear heels add some bold and chunky statement jewellery pieces that are striking and complement even the plainest attire.

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Skinny Dipping With Skinny Jeans

Denims have always been the eternal favourite of the fashion conscious. From college attending teens to high street ramp walkers, everyone seems to be swearing by denims all through. The comfort factor that a pair of denims allows is certainly unmatched with any other clothing item.

As a garment, denims have evolved over the years, from the rocker glam fitted jeans to the swaying baggy retro look and the latest being the colour tossed skinny denims that are making rounds at the runway all over the globe. The choicest jeans brand Levis has unveiled its latest collection that boasts of vibrant hues such as blood red, neon yellow and even ink blue to grab a few eyeballs.

Another top notch brand Juicy Jean couture is making waves with the hottest trend of this season.  They offer a wide range of skinny jeans, wide leg and straight legged pairs in the most tantalising hues like cobalt and orange to express the chic element in your personality. Stars like Cameron Diaz and Alex Chung were also spotted wearing this trend in girly colours of candy pink and burgundy.

The skinny jeans rage has raked in several takers who love to flaunt well sculpted derriere; however here are a few things to remember while sporting the trend

  • Steer clear of jeans with embellishments as they make it look over the top
  • Stick to neutral coloured tops , if the denims are in vibrant hues
  • Skinny jeans look best when coupled with a mid-waist length blouse or a well-tailored corset
  • One has to have a proportioned waist to hip ratio to sport carry this style or else try pairing the jeans with a slightly longer top or baggy shirt for a care free look.
  • Keep the accessories minimal for a formal look and add some bling for a party evening by fancy belts and bracelets.

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Consider your wardrobe incomplete if any of these is missing. Every woman needs to poses these simply essential items for day to day life and look fashionable and stylish also.

  •  A good pair of jeans.
    This is a must have ,whereby the fit should be comfy and perfect, and can be teamed up with tops, tshirts etc
  • LBD (Little Black Dress).
    The little black dress is a savior on varios occasions whereby u need something simple and yet sophisticated to wear,and change up the look with accessorizing it.
  • Tube dress or day dresses.
    Especially during summer,these get handy ,preferably cotton ones,they can save you from the heat and humidity plus they look adorable.
  • A trench coat.
    It can easily hide your outfit if its not flaterring and perfect for winter days as well.
  • A pair of shorts.
    It needs to be a neutral color that you can mix n match with tshirts,shirts etc.
  • A blazer.
    For those important days at work ,it come in handy and make you look professional as well.


  • A  pencil skirt and waistcoat.
    These two wil make you look smart in seconds,completely essential for working women.
  • Party wear.
    Those days when you need to shake the stress off, do it in style.Have essential part wear like sequin tops ,metallic pants , boots and so forth.
  • Multi-purpose handbag.
    That one sack that you can carry anywhere is vital,saves money and space.




  • Accessories.
    They are a girl’s middle name.They can change up an outfit very easily.Stock up on them from earrings to bangles to necklaces to belts.
  • A killer dress.
    A cocktail dress for making a statement is needed.

  • Boots, peep toes, black pumps, gladiators, ballerina shoes
    With these shoes ,you can easily team them up with any of the above outfits.

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Travelling? Pack with Ease and Style.

Don’t we all just DREAD packing? Unless a person is really organized then its just a cake walk.  Now back to reality and to  the rest of us whereby dusting the bag is the only straight forward thing you  see,here’s a little guide to what’s definetely gotta come with you and what’s staying home! Having excess baggage is a total killer on your vacation ! Follow these few tips and  save those BIG bucks on paying excess!


  • 2 pairs of favorite jeans (preferably one blue and 1 black)
  • a pair of shorts
  • 6 short sleeve tshirts (that u can slide in together with the denims for a casual outing)
  • tops,tube dress and 5-7 undies!
  • 3 cotton daydresses
  • A sweatshirt
  • A night gown or sleeping shorts+tee
  • 3 pairs of socks (depending on how many closed shoes taken)
  • A pair of comfortable gladiators or sandals (to walk around in)
  • A pair of black heeled pumps
  • A scarf for those chilly night outs!

Icing on the cake

  • ACCESSORIES – Take the necessary ones & neutral ones that you can wear with anything easily and don’t forget your sunglasses!!
  • evening gown or cocktail dress with that oomp factor
  • swim wear if going to a beach destination or room with a pool
  • 2 belts( one for the jeans and one for accesorizing with your dresses)

One shouldn’t pack too much remembering the fact that you need space for your souvenirs and those goodies that you bargained for! And you are set to go! Oh yeah and don’t foget the toothbrush :p

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