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Make Up That Lasts From Dawn To Dusk

Ever wonder how easy life will be if there are no touch ups required at all in a day, if your hair and makeup are just as much in place at the end of the day , as they were when the day begun. Contrary to the popular belief that it’s only the expensive products that lasts long, It is the little tips tricks that are the secret to a lasting make up. Check how

Eye Study
Rather than struggling to cover those visible under eye circles, it is best to sleep a bit extra on the weekends and restore that natural beauty of your eyes. Cover the eyes with a moisturiser first and then apply a bronzer to make it last long.
Ditch the smoky black hue for eye shadows and instead opt for a cobalt blue tone, Starting at the upper edge drag it to the lower end and follow with Mascara for added effect.

Glowing Skin
For the ultimate glow throughout the day, apply a coat of foundation on the face first and then cover it with shimmer powder, this helps hold the shimmer and lend you an eternal glow.
Using a sheer blush is a great way to enhance the rosy tint on your cheeks, ensure that you apply this with a powder base as it won’t wash down with sweat or water over a period of few hours.

Kissable Lips
Using an orange or pink gloss has the best effect during the day time especially if you plan to spend the day out in sun. It will prevent lips from chapping and will lend that girly sheen to your pout too.
To help a seductive lip shade last longer, apply a little concealer on the lips and then fill them up with your favourite lip colour.

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Shine Through With L’Oreal

The international cosmetic giant L’Oreal Paris, recently unveiled its limited edition collection of cosmetics. The new range is a welcome change from the mundane cosmetic products and offers products that are a glitterati’s dream come true. With a lot of shine and shimmer, this range is sure to settle on your cosmetic desire’s top chart.
The collection has been rightly named the ‘Golden Glamour’ and includes
• Colour Appeal Mono Eye Shadow
Available in a sparkling sepia tone, this is easy to blend with any texture and lasts for as long as up to 4 hours
• Super Line 24 hours Gel Liner
Bedazzle the onlookers with this perfect mix of glam and style based liner.
• Million Lashes Mascara
Rich volumizing mascara this makes your lashes look 3 times bigger and more enchanting.
• Infallible La Rouge
The rich plum shade of this defining rouge with deepen your cheekbones, lending an illusion of fuller and better cheeks
• Resist and Shine Titanium Nail Enamel
The alluring sorbet coloured enamel that protects your nails against chipping through Ceramide R and lends and intense colour and shine to them.

This impeccable collection is rightly priced and can be picked up from any L’Oreal Paris outlet across the country.

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Gleaming Eyes

All the makeup loving readers would be well aware and well versed with the fact that a right touch of colour around the eyes can do wonders to any get up whether it’s for a day out or a fun laden evening. Applying the right kind of make up to complement your look is a must for any women else it can mar the get up completely.

Here’s a brief guide on how to achieve a desirable look for people with different kind of eyes and look versatile each time you step out to cast a spell with your peepers

• Hooded eyes
Those with hooded eyes need to enhance the lid as it often gets overshadowed. The right way to do so is to mix a lighter tone of shadow and apply it to the brow bone first and then spread it around the corners

• Small eyes
Women with small eyes can line the eyes with a dark shaded brow pencil to make them appear larger in size; one can even smudge it a bit and then fill the brow area using a light toned shadow such as pink, beige, light blue. This will add some drama to the eyes and make them look bigger and more beautiful.

• Big eyes
Using a light toned eye shadow to cover the corners of the eyes helps to take off the roundness and makes them appear almond shaped. Line the eyes appropriately by narrowing the liner on the corners. Mascara adds on to the length of the lashes and makes eyes look shapelier, so gorge on some of it.

A lot of personal style and taste goes into achieving the right look for any pair of eyes, take your pick from these tips, however , remember not to overdo any make up trick as it can kill the effect.

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5 Minutes To The Glam You

You have a sky soaring professional life and amidst a chaotic day your boss decides to take everyone out for a drink at this new club around the street or your better half plans a surprise dinner out and asks you to head straight from work. The first thought that comes to our minds is how we can step out in professional gear sans any makeover.

For all those ambitious women, here are a few instant tricks that can pep up your look for any do in a jiffy
• Keep a pack of wet tissues and a face wash to wipe your face for a rejuvenated glow.
• Just dab some mascara and a vibrant(green or blue) shade of eye make up for those twinkling eyes
• Dazzle like a diva by ditching your matte lip colour for a shimmer based shade in red or burnt orange.
• Throw a floral or lace decked scarf for a feminine and softer approach.
• If you love big bags, do stock a pair of heels for an instant makeover and of course some pot -porrie perfume for that enchanting spell.

These few items can be stored in your office drawer or you handbag and can be great resuce delights for last minute plans.

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For Eyes That Cast a Spell

Whoever said eyes are the mirror to the soul certainly had no idea how the purest reflection of the human features can be adorned with make up to sweep off the opposite sex with its charm. Since time immemorial, womenfolk have been decorating their eyes with kohl to define their shape and add volume to the eyelashes. But with eye makeup graduating into a form of art, there is much more one can do to look like a diva instantly.

The most popular current trend revolves around smoky eyes for a cutting edge seductive appeal. It is a fairly easy trick that emphasises on the colour of your eyes. Inorder to achieve this look, simply outline the eyes with an eye liner and use black or blue eye shadow to enunciate the contours. It is a timeless look that can set eye balls popping when combined with a dressy gown or any other evening wear.

Pastel hues are fairly recent to the makeup circuit, yet they have managed to rake in some fan following. This autumn step out in style with pastel eye make-up that is bound to turn heads. Use a minimal tone liner and cover the eyes with bright orange, pink or green hues for the butterfly effect.

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