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Rejuvenate With A Home Spa

The party season is at its full swing and you certainly can’t give your looks a miss, don’t worry about that long pending visit to the spa , for you can very well create an ambience of a spa and indulge in some soulful therapies , right at the comfort of your home, add to it , at negligible cost. Check out how can you have a full-fledged spa at home, invite your friends over for a spa party and immerse in bliss.

•First and foremost, create a perfect ambience devoid of any disturbances. If it’s your bathroom where you need to relax, light it up with fragrant candles( keep a check on safety), a couple of dim lights can do wonders to add to the mood

• Play some soulful music that is perfect to enhance a comforting feeling. You may also use a room diffuser with fragrances such as vanilla and lavender for relaxing.

• Gear up for a great experience by placing all the necessary products needed. You may begin with a steam facial by adding two drops of essential oil such as peppermint or jasmine oil to the water and getting rid of all impurities.

• Grab our favourite bath balls (prefer lavender or chamomile as they have a calming effect). Get a foot scraper, a manual massager, a few drops of your favourite essential oil to be added to the bath water.

• Exfoliate using a loofah or a pumice stone (meant for joint edges). You may also use an exfoliating scrub, the ones based of walnut or apricot work wonders to give a natural glow to the skin.

• Get your face masks in place to achieve that rose petal like skin. Choose a mask that suits your skin type or you can always make one using ingredients from your kitchen such as fuller’s earth and rose water or orange peel and milk etc.

• After the bath, use water based moisturising lotion that has botanic extracts or you can also apply a rich layer of baby oil for a lasting smooth skin.

• Use a self-massager to massage the tough areas such as your back, your legs and neck gently and you sure will love this heavenly experience.

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Body Care Beyond Visible Body Parts!

While immersing ourselves in the daily regime of scrubbing, cleansing and moisturising routine, we often tend to undermine what are best termed as problem areas since our focus is mainly the very visible body parts such as hands, face, legs, however seldom do we realise that these trouble making zones which are neglected can more or less become eye sores if not dealt with care.

Areas like the nape of your neck, the elbows, and the knees are often prone to dust accumulation since they are constantly in touch with outer objects and hence become dark and shabby. If you are also among those millions of ladies who struggle hard to get rid of the ugly dead skin and blotches around their knees and elbows, here is all you should know

If negligence has already led to darkening of these problem areas, you better start with fixing the problem as soon as possible. Rubbing slices of lemons is the easiest and the quickest way to lighten the colour of the skin. Rub lemon slices, or apply lemon juice to knees or elbows at least once a day, let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Dead cells
Another very common condition observed is roughening of skin around these parts as a result of dead cells covering the area. The solution is to exfoliate the areas tenderly using a paste made of gram flour, turmeric and milk, or even a non-soap based cleanser that is gentle on skin

Rough skin and dead pores lead to skin becoming dull and chapped. After you exfoliate the skin parts it is imperative to hydrate them and soften them with a vitamin oil based cream or lotion. Using baby oil or even a combination of milk cream and lime is a great way to keep the skin supple.

Last but not the least, skin care is an indulgent and a continuous process, assuming that the skin is back in shape and leaving it unchecked can lead to re-occurrence of problems, hence ensure that you lend that extra care to it every once in a while.

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Bring In That Sexy Back

There is nothing more sensual than a woman aesthetically displaying her well-toned and polished back in a piece of clothing. The current ramp trends have made backless attire a hot spot item that women of all ages love to flaunt. But before you shop for that exotic item, ensure your back is all pepped up to flaunt it.

With most of our oil glands and sweat being secreted on the back, it is often prone to acne and pigmentation very easily. Hence it is imperative to take regular measures and prevent this acne attack on the back. Well this is just aptly guessed that like any other body part, the first and foremost step in back care is to scrub it, clean and moisturise it regularly.

• Scrubbing with a mineral based wash and exfoliating scrub can help remove the dead cells from the back and clean it. Make use of a special loofah meant for the same purpose and rub the back thoroughly after applying the scrub/wash.

• Gently rinse it with lukewarm water and generously apply a moisturising lotion. It is always preferable to apply a water based lotion

• Keep it neat by undergoing regular bleaching or waxing sessions as per your preference and convenience.

• For those with a sensitive skin, it is suggested to indulge in homemade scrubs that are natural and show excellent results. A paste made of gram flour, milk, moong dal or a scrub derived from patchouli oil honey and salt are ideal scrubs for cleaning the back.

• Pamper your spine with a visit to a spa or even a regular massage with aromatherapy. Use essential oils such as bergamot, lavender or tea tree to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.

Indulge in routine care and say goodbye to those back hiding tops and blouses and flaunt a ravishing back that steals the limelight each time you walk.

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The Winter Blush

A majority of us face constant skin issues with the onset of winter. Harsh cold breeze, dry atmosphere and rains impact our skin adversely leading to chapping and peeling of skin layers, itching and rashes. It is important to look after the skin and take all essential measure to exfoliate, cleanse and most importantly moisturize it regularly


• Drinking ample quantity of water is a must to keep skin hydrate all the time. Ensure that you consume at least 8 glasses of water in a day during winters.

• Steer clear of oily and fatty foods , winters are often accompanied with hot fried snacks and loads of sweets, however excessive consumption of these can mar your skin

• Use a herbal scrub with seas salts and mineral salts for body and a mild exfoliating scrub with essential oils for your face

• Include moisturising into your daily regime, not just the face but hands, feet, and the entire body needs to be moisturised to prevent dry patches and rashes.

• Use a sunscreen whenever stepping out, it’s a myth that sun is good for skin during winters. The evil UV rays can harm and break your skin’s outer layer leading to chapping of the skin.

• Indulge in an oil bath, at least once a week. Simply mix a few drops of jojoba oil or olive oil in lukewarm water and rest in it. This will not only smoothen the skin but will also relax your nerves.

• To protect your nails, soak them in oil mixed water for some time everyday 3-4 days. Wear gloves when stepping out to prevent drying of hands.

• Use a cream based conditioner for your hair and avoid blow drying as much as possible as it can dry up the hair further.

These simple measures can be accommodated into your daily routine with much ease and will ensure that your body glows like a pearl all through the winter season.

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Cindrella Feet In Minutes

Beauty is certainly not skin deep, since it pervades the layers of makeup and emphasises on a healthy, clean and disease free frame. Most of us believe that beauty is only relevant to a glowing skin, some eye catching make up and an attire to complement it with, seldom do we realise that most underrated aspects of our physical appearance such as our feet contribute a great deal to it.

Feet were often ignored in favour of our face and skin since these are rarely displayed, but the trend has altered in the recent times with women and cosmetic brands launching special foot care ranges. No time to pay visit to a beautician, follow this 15 minute pedicure routine and shine through your feet

• Begin by removing the nail polish using a mild remover and cotton and then soak your feet into lukewarm water that has some bath salts or half cup of milk added in it.
• Apply a cuticle remover towards the base of the toe nails and using an orange stick gently rub to remove the dead skin around the nails.
• Use an exfoliating scrub to thoroughly clean the entire feet with help of a pumice stone and a foot file.
• Rinse clean with water and pat dry using a soft towel.
• Apply a vitamin rich moisturiser or foot cream
• Re-apply your favourite nail paint colour using 2 strokes and step out with élan.

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