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Jazz up the Party with your Style

Struggling to get the right look this festive season? Don’t look any further for we have some tips right from the who’s who of the party circuit to make you shine through the entire gamut of party poopers. Here are a few tips from the horse’s mouth itself to help you decide the perfect look for a Christmas party and the New Year Eve celebration this year.


We know the chill down your spine restricts your chances to sport that ultra glamorous tiny sheer dress, but nevertheless, here is a quick tip to wear that. Wear a shimmery shrug to cover up the dress in style and stay cosy while your exude oomph.

For those in love with leggings, don a pair of leather jeggings for chic look and team it with a velvet or satin tunic for added sensuality. Skirts may be a great option to stay in style, complement your attire with knee length boots and a sultry embellished jacket for a diva look.

Ethnic attires can be a great pick, provided you complement them with matching accessories. Team up a silk saree with a readymade bling choli or wear a churidar with a sultry backless tunic that catches attention. Throw in a stole in bright and vibrant shades of fuchsia, turquoise or purple for an instant charm.

Accessorize keeping in mind the spirit of the occasion. To complement your western attire, wear a cocktail ring or simply don a layered chain for a rock star appeal. Sporting broad leather belts over monochrome dresses or adding a partition to your tunic with a shimmer waist belt are great ways to add versatility to the look.

While sporting an ethnic look, keep it minimal if the dress is heavy and embellished and vice versa. A subtle oxidised necklace or chunky earrings in polki , chandelier cocktail earrings are just the right way to make a mark sans overdoing the effect.

Gear up with your style weapons and steal the show with a refreshing and sensual look this party season.

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Flaunt Metal This Fall

Among a hoard of trends that overtake the ramp and the fashion followers, the overpowering metal collection stands apart from the crowd. This whole concept isn’t really new to the world of fashion yet the presentation of the most recent styles has been regale with patterns and designs that can flatter almost everyone’s body and shape.

The bombastic and overwhelming shades in metal are not just captivating but can instantly bestow a fashionistas charm on you. The best part about this elegant trend is the fact that it’s quite unisexual, men and women, both can sport clothes and accessories glazed with metallic hues and get their way to attention.

Women can strut some booty in evening gowns designed in metallic hues such as copper, golden, grey, steel grey and silver, much like their favourite red carpet stars. On an evening out a little dressy number in shades of heavy metal can be a rocker too. If you don’t intend to go too far with fashion, keep it minimal by sporting a metallic top in smart silhouettes to complement a skinny fitting jeans or an edgy black skirt.

Men can brighten up the mood by sporting a metallic waistcoat or a shirt. However refrain from dressing in metal from tip to toe unless you want to be mistaken as the next door male hooker or a gymnast.

For those who love to dress up in a subtle way, a great way to enhance the entire get up is by accessorising it with metal coloured goodies. A metallic sling bag, a shiny hobo bag can add charm to your plainest outfit. Try out the hair accessories in shades of metal if you love to experiment. Men can try sporting a waistcoat in understated metallic hues or even a steel grey or golden tie with a monochromatic suit.

It’s great to sport the trendiest stuff before anyone else does, however a word of caution is to avoid overdoing as it will kill the glamour and make you look more like a dressed to thrill mannequin. So make your aesthetics do the sweating and step out with a million dollar look.


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Styling The Mom To Be

As someone has rightly phrased a would be mother’s emotion with the words” My precious little baby I have loved you from the start You are a tiny miracle Laying closely to my heart Each day I feel your presence Each day you heart beats softly As only I could know So I’ll keep this in a special place And remember each year through Of this very special time in my life The moment I carried you”.

Motherhood is one of the most cherishing experiences for a woman and an entirely new phase where she learns to accept the physical and emotional changes to herself. Amidst the rush of emotions and the extra care routine, would be mothers often tend to neglect their wardrobe owing to the changes in their structure and to ensure precautions are taken while dressing up. But to their surprise maternity fashion has evolved drastically over the past few years, with top notch designers and fashion brands launching attractive maternity wear for all age and sizes, it has only grown bigger and better

A quick glance at these handy tips and conquering maternity style will be a cakewalk for all the pretty mommies out there

Invest in a pair of classic maternity jeans, since these can be combined with a variety of tops, tunics or blouses, they are a great wardrobe enhancer .Also these will sure be much in need post-partum.

If versatility is your pick, grab a couple of maternity suits that can be combined with funky tee shirts for day wear and can even make you sizzle through an evening simply by throwing over a silk or satin blouse

·Due to changes in the body frame it becomes essential to opt for healthy and safe undergarments, ditch your underwire bra and wear a sports bra or a regular cotton one for better support and increased comfort.

Buy a few tunics in exciting patterns since these are free flowing they tend to take attention from the ever expanding tummy. Pair these with soft fabric leggings for a great outfit.

Last but not the least, buy flip flops and cute ballerinas in multiple colours since it is advised not to wear heels add some bold and chunky statement jewellery pieces that are striking and complement even the plainest attire.

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Style Your Body Right

Each of us is gifted with a unique frame and it is essential for all women to understand their body type and develop a style sense that complements the body. Blindly following the season’s trends can only mar your aesthetic sensibilities unless the style is carried in accordance with your body type.

Check out the different body types and ensure your clothes are in sync with it

Women as tall as 5’2 or 5’3 inches, with a close to skinny frame, with a small bust line and a small bottom are classified under the petite category. Lucky enough to carry most clothes with ease, these women can adorn themselves with straight fit or skinny jeans, knee length skirts, jumpsuits and maxi dresses in single tone shades to make them look taller. Use a lot of variation on sleeves such as power shoulder, sleeves with ruffles. Dresses than enhance curves with extreme fits can lend a bolder structure. To complement the attires, use high heels and platform and get the perfect look.

Pear shaped
Pear shaped women have a wider bottom and hence need to balance out the outfits in a way that enhances the upper body and the torso. The best way to accomplish this is through wearing a lot of prints on the upper part of the body. From floral to metallic prints, retro polka dots, graphic prints etc. can be a great saviour. The idea is to draw away attention from the hips by focusing on the top part. Sport cropped pants, A line dresses and waist length tops to camouflage the bottom.

Apple shaped
These women are blessed with a broader top in comparison with to their bottom side. With a big rack and wide shoulders, the trick is to make the body look appropriately shaped by styling. The easiest way to achieve so is by layering, as it will take the gaze off your wide top. Choose tops and dresses that highlight your well sculpted bottom, for example, empire line tops or dresses, tee shirts that have a falling shoulder or cowl neck tops. Indulge in some bootleg and flared trousers to get a wide bottom illusion and make up for the cleavage.

HourglassThe luckiest of all women, these surely have a gifted frame that is every on looking woman’s envy. A proportionate body with well-defined curves on top and bottom enables them to dress in a versatile way. However women with an hourglass figure can use bold prints for an increased sex appeal. Try variations between metallic prints, shimmer based clothes, sequins or monochrome prints . Shift dresses that end in varying lengths are another way to boost your curves and steal attraction. Opt for dresses or skirts that have special embroidery, patchwork, and detailing, fitted silhouettes that define your booty. Choose flouncy fabrics such as sheer, georgette and those who love to experiment can try out something bold as leather. Indulge in leather pants or try out a leather corset and stand out from the crowd with panache.

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A Sensual Curvy Statement

The ramp and the print circuit have always been fascinated by the thin, anorexic looking female frames for time immemorial. So much so that the moment a girl steps into her teens, her awareness about weight related concern almost prioritises her other chores of life.

We as a world have been obsessed with the idea of a perfect 10 figure , but come to think of it, only as much as a mere 30 per cent of us are lucky to have such skinny frames and a metabolism to be envy of. What about the rest 70- per cent? Should we sulk under the bed or just be happy in our skin and appreciate and pamper our uniqueness? Well with the likes of Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and ofcourse the Bollywood sultry sirens Bipasha Basu and Sushmita Sen, the trend of curvy women has set its roots quite deep for now.

Many designers and fashion brands are launching special collections for curvy women that not just increase their sex appeal but also helps flatter their curves the right way. One needs to flaunt the right attitude besides some well fitted silhouettes to grab eyeballs, remember a skimpy outfit is not the only way to do so. Check out some of these easy and quick ways to dress up like a diva irrespective of your size.

• Choose tops and blouses with a feminine touch to them, such as ruffles. Lace on the neckline or sleeves. Also with a belt string thin metallic or beaded belt or even a satin ribbon tied on to it, one can create a beautiful illusion of a thin waist.
• Stick to the darker hues as much as possible as these tend to make you look slim and hide the flab too. Colours such as cobalt blue, emerald green, girly purple and even the mud browns are hot this season, so make the most of them.
• Knee length dresses are the most appropriate garment for those who have a broader bottom. Opt for the ones in floral prints, the digital designs or just a multi coloured fusion outfit for a classy get up
• Dressing up in formals can be made delectable by adding a few pencil skirts with fitted shirts. Ensure that the sizes of the skirt and the shirt are neither too loose nor too fitted.
• Steer clear of horizontal stripes as they make you look wider and broader. Opt for stripes that are vertical or diagonal.
• When sporting denims, look for nice girly tunics in fabric like nylon and georgette that do not cling to the skin. Or else, wear a stretch tee and deck it up with a tiny shrug and a couple of accessories for a chic look.

You know your body the best and can think beyond these tips to decide what flatters it the most, so experiment, set your own trends and carry your curves with élan.

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