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Babita Jaishankar, A True Fashion Police

babita jaishankar a Bangalore based fashion image consultant

Babita Jaishankar, best describes a Woman with Zeal and Confidence. She encompasses both a designer and a fashion image consultant in her. Her achievements are many including the mention in the book called; ‘Inspiring women to start innovative enterprises’ by Sria Majumdar.

With her professional and personal life she has set the example of living life in multi spectrums is an effortless thing. Babita believes in Norman Vincent Peale’s quote, “It takes struggle, a goal and enthusiasm to make a champion.”

How did image consulting happen to you?

I started my designing career after completing a diploma course in fashion designing from GIFT, Ahemedabad. In the beginning my focus was purely designing for individuals based on their lifestyle needs. I moved to the US after this – where over a period of 5 years, I had an opportunity to learn and do consulting in the area of skin and cosmetics. On my return, I realized that my true interest lay in designing not just dresses, but helping people look their best through a combination of attire that suits their lifestyle and personality, and cosmetics that enhances their appearance and image. In addition, I also liked to meet people from various backgrounds – applying my image makeover ideas to meet the varying needs of women from different walks of life challenged and interested me. The idea of an image consulting business was then born.

Could you please tell us something about your family and you as a person?

I have 2 daughters (ages 8 and 12). My husband works in the IT industry. Even though I am pretty busy, I am proud to say that I also run the household single handedly – this includes keeping the house in order, and ensuring that the kids get their meals on time, snacks on return from school and paying attention to their academics and nutritional needs, among a score of other nitty gritties that are part and parcel of being a homemaker.
I am a fun loving and gregarious person. I love company of friends and relatives. I have always been interested in makeup, colors and dressing. I am also driven in business and professional life – a deep interest in my line of work and desire to succeed are the prime driving forces.

According to you what kind of make – up should a model and a corporate lady choose?

While using the makeup always try to remember what is the image that you want to potray; is it that of a glamrous lady or a confident and successful lady.

While doing the makeup for a model it is good to use the colour cosmetics that are in trend to accentuate the best features. Some glimmer and glamour will take her a long way.

A corporate lady – if she is not comfortable using a foundation, she can just get away with concealer and tinted moisturizer. A kajal, mascara and a tint or gloss on the lip will give her a look of sophistication and poise.

babita jaishankar a Bangalore based fashion image consultant

If a girl is getting ready for a beauty pageant audition, what kind of make –over do you recommend her?

No matter what hair style you are choosing, only thing you have to keep in mind is that; it has to be well shampooed and conditioned, as it gives a healthy look. Getting a trim done takes care of the split ends. Use the styling products to keep the hair in place so you are not fiddling with the hair.

Eyes are that part of your face; if done well can give you a glamorous yet elegant look. The eye makeup should complement the color of your eye. Use of mascara (or false eyelashes) can open up your eyes and make it look dreamy.

Be careful if the foundation used is warm tone or cool tone. If the foundation is not chosen according to the color profile and skin type of the individual, it can give a made-up look or a very tired look; highlighting the under eye circles.

A glimmer powder on the cheekbone, under the arch of the eyebrows, peak of the nose and forehead gives a look of healthy skin.

Are there any make – up style that would go along with any kind of outfit?

Well done eye makeup and a nude lip to go with it.

Very often it is seen that we end – up in bad hair days, could you please suggest some quick and easy tips to get away with bad hair days?

I suggest not to complicate things, keep it simple .Give it a more crushed look, use a serum to give shine and use a spray with water and pinch of salt. This spray will keep the hair in place.
Just use the serum and roll a small section of hair on your fingers to give it more natural curls.

What are the factors to be kept in mind, while picking clothes?

You can boost your attitude, self – confidence and feel good about what you are wearing if you:

  • Know the occasion
  • Know your audience
  • Know your personal style
  • Know the effects of colour

Could you please suggest some hair styles that could suit any kind of face shape?

Soft feathering along the length of the face suits most of the face shape the only thing to be kept in mind is the length of the hair.

Please share your achievements so far with our readers?

  • Featured in the book ‘Inspiring women to start innovative enterprises’ By Sria Majumdar
  • Launched my brand in Bangalore Fashion week
  • Was selected as a ‘Young fashion entrepreneur India finalist’ by British council
  • Was in the panel of Judges for Miss Bangalore
  • Numerous individual clients and corporate workshops
babita jaishankar a Bangalore based fashion image consultant

According to you to what extent is Bangalore make – up and fashion conscious?

I would say to a very large extent

What are the new trends in eye – makeup?
Eye colors in pastel shades with shimmer to give a 3d effect.

Can you please share a quick make – over tip with our readers?

Use a toner before using a foundation, so that the pores are sealed well and you won’t sweat much, it will give you a fresh look for long.

How can we connect to you for your services?

Best way is to give a call at 9663873785 and book an appointment to know about the services available.
E mail me at designer@babitajaishankar.com
Fill in the contact form at www.babitajaishankar.com
Get LinkedIn http://in.linkedin.com/in/babitajaishankar

Rapid Fire:

Your role model: My mom

Turn – off: Bad attitude

Best dressed man and woman: Rahul Khanna and Preity Zinta

Your favourite designer: Babita Jaishankar

Your favourite make – up brand: MAC

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Shokey Malik, A True Fashionist

Shokey Malik, a veteran in the field of fashion, has proved his excellence in not just one aspect of fashion. Shokey has tried his hands and been a success in fashion styling, image consulting, fashion choreography, photography and personal shopping assisting.

Shokey has worked for esteemed brands like Hugo Boss, Rochas, Louis Feraud etc. He is an AICI Certified image consulting professional.

When did you realize that fashion is your right choice?

After winning the second runners up position in Mr. India 2008, I got drawn to the fashion world. Felt like a part of it

Before getting into the fashion industry what were you doing?

I was into hospitality sector. I am a chef by profession.

What are the must haves in a man’s closet?

Black patent leather shoes, a pair of fresh looking blue jeans, a clean white full sleeve shirt, a good black belt.

You are an all rounder in fashion. What is the inspiration behind your works?

The people I style and image consult.

What are your achievements in this field so far?

•An AICI certified professional in image consulting.
•As a stylist, shot for Hugo Boss.
•As a photographer I have shot for brands like Louis Feraud, Jacque Fath, Rochas etc.

What is your opinion on male models being paid less in comparison to female models?

I think it is biased, they do the same kind of work. If we fight for gender parity in other professions, then why not here.

According to you what is bad sense of dressing?

Wrong shoes carried with a good outfit.

How do you evaluate Indian fashion industry’s growth?

It is at a good pace, looking at what young talent brings to the table, I can be proud of India’s fashion sensibilities

These days any city in India has a fashion week, what is your take on this?

As long as they don’t get monotonous and keep up the variety in fashion, it is nice to have fashion weeks.

Please give our readers a quick make – over tip.

Style your hair differently today.

Rapid Fire:

Your role model: My dad

What turns you off: Someone dressed badly

Your favourite designer: Alexander Mccqueen

Best dressed woman: Nicole Kidman

Best dressed man: David Bekham

Favourite shopping spot or store: UB City, Bangalore

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