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Be A Self Style Guru

Among the hoard of dressing options that are available for women, most of us still feel a bereft of style after days of repetitive dressing patterns and lack of innovative outfits in our wardrobe. As much as we may like to deny it, but the fact remains that one can’t be undergo a makeover every day, so the most appropriate solution comes across as styling your wardrobe with creativity and innovation for a fresher and trendy approach. Stylists all over the world sing the song of fashion trends, however the primary decisive factor for all women remains comfort, ditch those passing fads and stick to your personal style to be able to carry what you look good in, here are a few tips which we think can be useful when you dress to impress.

 • If western wear fancies you more, investing in a couple of basic black and brown trousers is your best bet. You can always add variety by pairing these with versatile blouses and shirts in multiple designs and styles.

 • Consider your frame and dress accordingly. A gorgeous dress may not be the best outfit for you if it does not fit well but a well draped plain sari can add work wonders if it flatters your shape. Consider your body type before blinding following a trend in vogue. • For those who swear by only ethnic wear, the style statement may get monotonous after a while. Kill the monotony by dressing creatively. For instance, pair a fitted top with a Patiala and throw a matching dupatta for a fusion look or else alter your sari draped get up by replacing a blouse with a sleeveless or halter top.

 • Dig out those closet orphans that have been lying inside for ages and redefine your style by teaming them with different garments. For example, pick out that oversized tunic and wear a skinny jeans underneath it or that complement that old ghagra skirt with a tank top for some glamour.







• Accessorize your plain attires and sizzle in oomph. Add some funky belts in fluorescent colours or throw together a few pieces of statement jewellery.

• Redefining style using stoles and scarves also goes a long way, tie them around your waist as a belt, or below your chest to create an illusion of an empire line or drape it with a knot around your neck. Great style is not just about a never ending wardrobe that is tip to toe in sync with the season’s trends but it is more to do with bringing versatility into the same outfits by mix and match and some creative thought.

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Flaunt Metal This Fall

Among a hoard of trends that overtake the ramp and the fashion followers, the overpowering metal collection stands apart from the crowd. This whole concept isn’t really new to the world of fashion yet the presentation of the most recent styles has been regale with patterns and designs that can flatter almost everyone’s body and shape.

The bombastic and overwhelming shades in metal are not just captivating but can instantly bestow a fashionistas charm on you. The best part about this elegant trend is the fact that it’s quite unisexual, men and women, both can sport clothes and accessories glazed with metallic hues and get their way to attention.

Women can strut some booty in evening gowns designed in metallic hues such as copper, golden, grey, steel grey and silver, much like their favourite red carpet stars. On an evening out a little dressy number in shades of heavy metal can be a rocker too. If you don’t intend to go too far with fashion, keep it minimal by sporting a metallic top in smart silhouettes to complement a skinny fitting jeans or an edgy black skirt.

Men can brighten up the mood by sporting a metallic waistcoat or a shirt. However refrain from dressing in metal from tip to toe unless you want to be mistaken as the next door male hooker or a gymnast.

For those who love to dress up in a subtle way, a great way to enhance the entire get up is by accessorising it with metal coloured goodies. A metallic sling bag, a shiny hobo bag can add charm to your plainest outfit. Try out the hair accessories in shades of metal if you love to experiment. Men can try sporting a waistcoat in understated metallic hues or even a steel grey or golden tie with a monochromatic suit.

It’s great to sport the trendiest stuff before anyone else does, however a word of caution is to avoid overdoing as it will kill the glamour and make you look more like a dressed to thrill mannequin. So make your aesthetics do the sweating and step out with a million dollar look.


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Party Peeves

Are there times when you are waiting to attend a hep bash at the swanky club in the town and as the moment of epiphany arrives you figure out that almost nothing in your wardrobe in worth being carried off as club wear? It isn’t just you or I but almost every second woman undergoes the same feeling every now and then.

In order to your relief, the closest solution does not really demand for us to throw away the garments gracing our closet and invest in exorbitantly priced newbies, but just some out of box thinking and aesthetical judgement to dress up like a Diva from pretty much what is available.

If you still contemplating, how under the sun is that possible, read a little further until you are happy with what your eyes see

•Denim Dance Don’t yet throw away your old pair of denims that has an out dated boot cut fit, instead, get the edges chopped from the tailor next door and revamp it into an itsy bitsy shorts that will make you sizzle.

Colour Code             Hate your dull grey and white tops that have lost their charm, let them shine again. Invest in a DIY (Do it yourself)  fabric painting kit, use the charm of colours in interesting patterns and splash some shine all through.

• Shrug it up Are you planning to ditch your old sequinned jumper for the extra bling, save it for a rainy day rather? Just get it ripped by a tailor and convert it into a stylish shrug with just the right amount of sheen. Pair it over a tank top or a tube dress.

• Warmth Redefined Have an oversized pullover that is passé, well you can get it back to the haute couture, just team it up with a pair of funky jeggings with interesting prints, add a girl next door touch with ballerinas, and make the world go round.

• Accessory Town The not so hot beads that are lying waste inside your jewellery box are screaming for attention. Don’t ignore them, just use them right, wear a beaded necklace right on your head and make heads turn. Pick that old leather belt and stitch it to your tiny handbag, and be ready to flaunt that haute sling back within no time.

Tighten your purse strings this fall, for you may not need a shopping spree to look chic. Give a closer look to your closet and revamp your style sans any indulgence

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Redefining Red

For all those who do not swear by colour codes and love to experiment with their wardrobes, there are endless choices to dress. The hazy and dull winter weather calls for all matte shades and vibrant hues to be digged out of the closet and grace the streets. Bolder shades such as bottle green, fuchsia and indigo are winning combinations, but what can set eyes aflutter is the carnal scarlet colour.

Often associated with celebration and merry making, the colour red adds charm and sensuality to any attire and any look. Surveys and research have proven to those men find women sporting much more attractive to those dressed in any other colour. Are you already tempted to turn into the next female, Red Riding hood, well here  is your quick style guide that will ensure you commit no  fashion faux pas.


A classic shade, red can make your skin glow, incorporate red in your wardrobe in form of red blouses, tops (preferably I fabrics like satin, velvet, silk) or ditch the LBD for a little red dress instead. Gowns and evening cocktail dresses in red are sure to turn you into a Diva instantly. Go bohemian with red Ghaghara skirt paired with a muted tank top or get more punk with red leather leggings teamed with a basic tunic.


Red stilettos are sure shot head turners when sported with a short dress or an evening gown. One can also add some playful colour by wearing red flip flops with embellishments to complement ethnic wear or flaunt a pair of sneakers with ultra-chic shorts or causal denims.


A plain Jane look can be altered to a sex goddess’s avatar in minutes by throwing in some red coloured accessories. Flaunt a red beaded necklace or a chunky pair of red stone earrings. Add some oomph to that single piece dress by sectioning it with a red leather belt. For an understated yet graceful appearance, add a red rose to your hair and smell delicious.


Adding red to your make up is the easiest way to up your hotness quotient. Exude a diva’s  seductiveness with a Scarlett red lip colour, cheeks brushed with a bit red blush powder for evening occasions and even a tinge of red shimmer goes a long way to send just the right signals to the opposite sex.


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5 Fashion Disasters That Can Be Nightmarish

Fashion slaves may religiously follow tips and tricks that make them stand out of the league, irrespective of their age and bodies. Some of these tips can be ultimate source of information and may help us get the perfect look or even perk up our daily looks by adding more oomph to it.

Although there isn’t a rule book for fashion, we all judge the style and trend with our respective sense of aesthetics (in place or not), seldom we come across a guide to help us stress on what not to wear or what not to carry to save you from being banned by the fashion police. We observed a few random people, researched the most infallible disasters and as a result here are a few tips that can save you from being broadcasted on P3P fashion bloopers ever.

Size Wise

Save you self from being the talk of the town by ensuring right sized clothes, anything too tight or too loose fitting will only mar your dress’ appeal and in turn make you the object of common mockery

Match Making

It is nice to complement colours in your attire, but something as hideous as an indigo dress with indigo heels and a blue coloured neckpiece may make you look like the emblem in the flag. So choose the colour palette judiciously and refrain from overdoing it.

Accessory Wary 

Accessories go a great way in enhancing your outfit and add drama to it too; however throwing everything together will only add confusion to the look. Refrain from over indulgence; wear only one or two pieces of statement jewellery at one time, unless you want to be mistaken for a jewellery advert model.

Lingerie Lure

 Your booty certainly gets a lift with those sensuous thongs but just so you know,the world really can do well without a glimpse of them. Avoid wearing clothes that strung too low on your cleavage or on your derriere to prevent a peek-a-boo right on the roadside.

Make-Up Mania

Twilight may be your dreamy inspiration but its better restricted to a surreal world, the real mortals may get scared with the oozing dark eyes or blood red lips, stick to colours that gel well with your skin. Smoky eyes are appealing only until they don’t look like smudged ashes.

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