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17 January 2012

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Suzanne Roque- The Real Allure!

seductive yet elegant fashion model suzanne roque's interview

Hotness coupled with elegance best describes Suzzane Roque. She is one such model who can give any models run for their money with her stunning camera presence and seductive expressions.

She says that her strong desire backed with dedication and undying love towards what she does helped her be in the list of most sought models.

Could you please share, how and when did you decide to get into modeling?

I would say that modeling just happened to me; I never thought that I wanted to become a model. It was all of a sudden I started getting offers. So I went with the flow.

When did you get your first career break as a model?

I still remember how an agent spotted me 4 years back for a magazine shoot and that is how it all started.

Could you please tell us about the relationship you share with Bangalore?

Except the traffic and the night life, Bangalore is a lovely city to live. I love its weather also the city is kept clean. I like Bangalore more than any other cities in India because I am very comfortable here. In addition to all of these I have someone very special from Bangalore, so you know what I mean! I feel like home.

seductive yet elegant fashion model suzanne roque's interview

According to you how fashionable is Bangalore?

In comparison to cities like Mumbai or Delhi Bangalore is not fashionable. But these days as many youngsters want to be fashionable, I think it’s everywhere. Fashion is in the air.

What are your pet peeves?

Fake people, lies, big mouth and people who are always bothered about others life. It’s so annoying.

Please share something about you as a person?

I would call myself as a Crazy person, with my group of friends I am very out-going and fun to be with. Well I am not much of a party person, I am very homely, I like to spend my week ends or free time staying at home watching movies or listening to songs.

Could you please share the experience to be featured in magazines like; Maxim, FHM, Femina, The Man etc?

It feels really good to be featured in those magazines. And it’s always a different experience, I love and enjoy my work to the core.

seductive yet elegant fashion model suzanne roque's interview

You have been in the fashion industry from a very long time. Please comment on the dynamism of this.

I think everyone knows how fashion and glamour industry is. So no words to describe.

How important is a fitness regimen to a model? Could you please share your fitness regimen with us?

Fitness regimen plays a very important role, as the model has to have a perfect body and Should be in good shape. Diet, gym etc has to be followed to stay fit. But when it comes to my case I would call myself as, blessed naturally. Lucky me! I am a foodie, I eat a lot. I have never been on a diet or worked out ever.

Do you think that Bangalore is a right platform to get into fashion or modeling?

I would say that Bangalore is a right place to start off with. Many actors and models have started from Bangalore. So why not? But it’s not the right place to continue if someone has real big dreams.

What is your advice to upcoming models?

I would love to wish all of them all the very best. Well, it’s their life so they know it better.

seductive yet elegant fashion model suzanne roque's interview

Rapid Fire:

Your favourite photographers: Russell James, Haider Khan, Anson Antony

Your dream project: shhhhh….secret 😉

Your favourite shopping destinations: Dubai and Paris

Your style statement: I have my own style. I design my clothes. To me looking different and hot is important, with the best dress, hair, makeup, sexy high heels and hand bags. I am crazy about shoes 🙂

Your favourite holiday spot: Rio, Hawaii and Greece

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