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02 January 2012

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Street Wear – The trend thats always here to stay

Street wear is a style that is created by the youth where they don’t generally follow what’s in fashion but combine outfits that reveal their personality or mood.  Initially it was influenced by the punk and rap musical style that was originated at the end of 1970’s. It was started in California, ‘surf and skate scene’ and was primarily termed to be skatewear and surfwear. Others soon began to follow suit and it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught the trend. Today, the idiom ‘street wear’ is widespread in the fashion world and is now a big business. Few brands are now starting to cross styles by mixing street wear with casual wear.  Here are few top street wear trends that are commonly spotted around the globe.

Ripped Stockings / Tights:

Fashion of the 80’s have become a major trend now. Ripped stockings and tights are making heads turn.  It can be teamed with a short denim skirt, shorts or even a long pull over. The idea is to keep the stockings sufficiently ripped and not just a few rips here and there.

Quirky Stuff:

Bright and unique designs on hoody’s, t-shirts and jeans have become quite prevalent over the years. Combine it with sunglasses and freaky bags as they are increasingly a part of street wear. Needless to say tattoos, piercings on the ears, nose, lips or stomach are all adding to the look.

Cropped Tops:


Another recent street fashion is the cropped top. Though the look is quite chic, you need to have a body to carry the look. It can be paired with high waist skirts and pants or a great jacket on the top.

Jeans Jackets:

From ripped and torn to stylish and immaculate, jeans jackets are seen all over. It can be worn for all occasions and is a perfect item for the summer-to-fall wardrobe changeover. Pair it with stockings, leggings, denim or skirts depending on your mood or style.

Loose – Fitting Tops and Dresses:

The loose fitting tops and dresses is an innovative piece for street fashion. It not only hides the lumps and bumps but it can be used as a great piece to bring in a wholly distinctive look. The essential thing is to wear it right and the key is to use appropriate accessories. A funky belt or a sash, ultra chic boots or footwear, chunky earrings or neckpieces, hot stockings or tights are few pieces items that bring in the street look.

Shorts / Skirts with Leggings:

The combination of tiny skirts or shorts with leggings is no longer a fashion faux pas. It’s ultra cool and a boon for women with long legs.  Pair it with a great pair of footwear and a subtle top for the ‘street chick’ look.

In conclusion, mix your overall style with eccentric and distinctive items that reveal your personality. It’s all about putting things together to bring in an innovative or rather an exceptional technique.


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