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01 October 2011

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Sonia Mehra – Fashion Designer

Dial a pizzazz, dial a cab but have you heard of the concept ‘dial a dress?’ Yes, Sonia Mehra the designer from Mumbai has come up with the unique concept of dial a dress that is fast catching up.

Why should celebs get all the perks? They have been borrowing for years, but finally designer Sonia Mehra is passing these perks to you. Why spends hundreds on a dress that you will wear only once? Who wants to be seen in the same dress anyway? Borrow anytime you want just-  1. Choose  2. Reserve  3. Pick up  4 Look fabulous  5. Return.

 To say a few words about the designer, since a very long time Sonia Mehra has been portrayed as one of the leading designers and a lot has been written about her work and her accomplishments. Her designs are bold yet sophisticated, elegant yet timeless: it’s for women who think that they should be complemented by their clothing and not overpowered by it.

Talking about the concept of ‘Dial a Dress,’ the designer says, “You save tremendous money, have access to new trends, borrow for night-out-with friends, vacations, weddings or special events. A gorgeous dress worth rs.15, 000 ends up sitting in your closet. If you rent a bridal dress you save money to travel, use the cash for your honeymoon or buy a new house or even use the funds to decorate. We have gowns, cocktail dresses, saris, short dresses and bridal accessories on rental basis. The hiring charges vary from Rs 5000 to 8000 for a day, its available on daily and weekly basis too. There is a deposit involved which is refundable depending on the condition of the outfit after inspection. The concept is new and the uniqueness of the “Dial a Dress” is evoking a lot of interest from all walks of life. ”

She adds, “I like the everyday process – the people, the pressure, the surprise of seeing the work come alive. Like red lipstick on the mouth, my clothes wake up, brighten and bring life to the wearer.”

Sonia incorporates the input from her team of contributors, but more importantly, from brides-to-be and her clients, as they provide her inspiration. She works closely with her customers during trunk shows to get an accurate picture of what real brides’ desire and what her clients visualize on the concepts of fusion wear.

The color palette is in accordance with the international forecast. There is a wide variety of pure, indigenous fabrics that include jamawars, silks, chiffons, chantilly lace and other luxurious fabrics. Heavily embellished raw silks and chiffons dominate the collections with intricate threadwork and crystal based embellishment. There is a variety in silhouettes and colors; from the short and fitted to the long and flowy and from the soft pastels to the rich and vibrant.


Talking about future plans Sonia says, “We plan to sell jewelry, bags and shoes in the future and my fashion team will carefully select to help you to look your best. We also plan to go online very soon.”

Sonia, both the woman and the label, is constantly moving forward and continues to keep a strong foothold in the fashion industry with no signs of letting go anytime soon.


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