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15 October 2011

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Skin Care Myths and Misconceptions

There are so many misapprehensions and myths about skin care that is hovering out there. Some of them are century’s old and just humbug.

Myth 1: It is always great to stick to one brand of skin care – False

This myth was perhaps publicized by cosmetic firms who want to keep their clientele devoted to their products or brand. It is absolutely fine to combine different brands together. However, you need to look out for overlaps and the other drawback, that is if your skin breaks out, it may be tough to identify the culprit as you use more than one brand.

Myth 2: A slight rash here and there after a facial is absolutely normal – False

You get a rash or skin irritation only if the item doesn’t go well with your skin. Find out from your beautician what she is using. If she says that the rash or the skin reaction is normal, just replace her.

Myth 3: All skin types need moisturizers – True

Even for people with great complexion, a little moisturizer can go a long way in preventing future skin damages. Also, never get fooled into thinking that the more a moisturizer costs, the better the quality is. Remember, lower prices brands work equally well. You only have to know your skin type and use the product that suits your skin.

Myth 4: Binging on oily foods and chocolates gives me pimples -False

Binging on oily foods or chocolates may have a direct effect on your waistline. But pimples are also the result of hormonal imbalance, stress level or improper cleansing.

Myth 5: Everything about the sun is bad for your skin – True and False

The UVA and UVB of the sun rays damage your skin which leads to skin problems such as early wrinkles and skin cancer. However, being in the sun for few minutes is actually good for you as the sun provides Vitamin D which helps in strengthening bones and assists in calcium absorption. But never leave home without any protection. Make use of a sunscreen which contains a minimum of SPF 15 as long as you are out.

Myth 6: My skin is very dry. I use only water to wash it. I also feel that cleansers or soaps makes it worse and dries it more – False

Remember, no matter how many times you wash, the oil in the face will not come out with just water. You need to use a soap or cleanser that is right for your skin type. This helps the skin to retain the essential moisture and also removes the dead skin cells.

Myth 7: Too much of coffee will make my skin break out – False

The real fact is that nothing you eat or drink can lead to acne. You can have your caffeine but take it in moderate amount, such as one or two cups a day. The more the caffeine, the nerves can start acting up. This results in adverse reaction on your skin.

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