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13 October 2011

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Skin Care As You Age

how to follow skin care as you age?

“Skin cannot look the same throughout our lives. It needs nourishment and good care with each passing year, as the skin type constantly keeps changing,” advises Dr. Aruna a leading dermatologist. Here’s what you need to understand to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy no matter what your age is.

In Your Teens:

• Make it a point to cleanse your face regularly both day and night.

• Do use a sunscreen during the day.

• If you feel your skin is pimple or acne prone, get it checked by an expert or a good dermatologist.

• Never scrub your face hard and wash your face a couple of times with a mild cleanser.

• Do not binge on oily foods. Maintain a proper diet. Include lots of fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

• Drink lots and lots of water.

• Do not keep touching your face as you might transmit all kinds of germs and bacteria from all the books, doors, mobile phones etc, that you have touched during the day.

• Never squeeze or pick a pimple as it increases your chance of getting scars.

• If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure you wear an oil-free sunscreen.

In Your 20’s:

• Look out for any wrinkles or fine lines.

• Maintain a good skin care routine.

• Avoid products that include fragrance as one of the main ingredients. It increases the risk of skin sensitivities.

• Never go to bed with make up on. Wash your face well to remove all traces of make-up.

• A moisturizer and a sunscreen should be a part of your daily skin care routine.

• Skin has to be exfoliated at least once in ten days.

• If you are into smoking, its highly recommended that you quit as it causes premature aging.

• Exercise regularly along with a proper diet to boost blood flow to the skin.

 In Your 30’s:

• Your skin needs proper care now then ever. If you haven’t really protected your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, this is when wrinkles and fine lines start appearing.

• Maintain a balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables which are high in antioxidants.

• Do apply a night cream on regular basis. • Use day creams that include Vitamin E for further protection.

• Get a facial done twice a month. Facial will help you get rid of the skin’s impurities.

• The four key items to help keeping your skin looking great are a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a sunscreen.

• Remember, to keep your skin moisturized at all times as dryness can do a lot of harm to your skin.

• Drink plenty of water and ensure you get enough quality sleep.

In Your 40’s and 50’s:

• The skin needs extra care as it undergoes a lot of changes. This is also the time when menopause sets in, leading to more skin issues. Adopt a good skin care routine.

• Fine lines and wrinkles becomes clearly visible if proper care is not taken.

• A night cream is mandatory.

• Make use of an effective sunscreen lotion besides the cleansing and moisturizing regimen.

• Make it a habit to exfoliate your skin on regular basis.

• Opt for natural skin care products as you do not want to bring in unnecessary toxins or chemicals into your system.

No matter what your age is maintain a proper diet which includes fresh fruits and green vegetables. Make it a point to drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Last but not the least, maintain a proper skin care regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

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