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18 December 2011

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Shoe Care – Men

Our shoes work hard to take us from place to place which if properly taken care of, will serve as an accolade to one’s wardrobe for years and years. Though buying shoes is only half the job done, maintaining and preserving it in the right manner is the rest. Here’s what you’ll want to remember.

  • Whenever there is mud or dirt, assure that you clean your shoes at the earliest possible.  Wipe off salt lines as soon as they form as they are most destructive elements that your shoes can be exposed to during the colder days. 
  • Use a shoe tree to store your shoes.  This helps the shoes from being cracked and in turn preserves the shape.
  • To make your shoes last longer avoid wearing them constantly at a stretch. Switching to different shoes everyday is advisable. The break will permit sweat in the shoes to dry up, making it good for your feet.
  • To keep your shoes clean, opt for a gentle shoe cleaner instead of soap. There are leather conditioners that are specially made for this purpose.
  • After cleaning, apply polish to help increase the shoe’s life span. It is recommended that you have separate brushes for each color shoe.
  • It’s advisable to buy footwear later in the day. The reason being, the feet swells up during the day and buying it late in the evening will ensure that your shoes fits you well, even when it is swelled
  • Adding a sole protector increases the life of your shoes. It is in the form of a thin rubber top sole which prevents the outer sole from abrasions and looks quite stylish too.
  • If you have problems with smelly feet, opt for antibacterial socks as they minimize the effect. Another option is to apply talcum powder or foot sprays before putting on your shoes.

Buying it in the shop and trying it on is the best way to buy the correct pair of shoes. However, if you prefer purchasing it online here are few tips you need to consider.  Take your measurements later in the day as your feet swells up. Do measure your feet while wearing your socks. Your socks should be of the same thickness as the ones you would team with the shoes.

You don’t necessarily have to have numerous pairs of shoes in your wardrobe, but it’s good to possess more than just a pair of dress shoes. Having variety of shoes allows you dress up for all occasions and you can also extend its life span by not repeating the same shoes again and again. Following the above mentioned simple care instructions should prolong the lifespan and beauty of your shoes. Try it!

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  1. saikrishna says:

    Hi am looking good quality shoe tree for shoe care.Example I need 2nd model in the above image.



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