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29 October 2011

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Scarf, A Style Statement Accessory!

wear scarves stylishly

These days scarf has become more than a piece of clothing to protect your hair from dust or sun. It is more like a style statement accessory. The key to accentuate your fashion quotient in scarf is to try different styles of tying.
Women have embraced this fashion accessory as the great add – on to their wardrobe. Scarves have the charisma to enhance the flash factor of a dull outfit. The right colour combination, fabric and style of tying can do the trick.

  • If you are wearing a shirt or a blouse with collars; then let the scarf hang around the collar. You can also tie the dangling end of the scarf while worn with any of these.
  • When you are in a round collar t-shirt or dress; wear the swinging end of the scarf over one shoulder. Or you can put the scarf backward and pull both the ends of the scarf forward.
  • While you are wearing a sleeveless top or tee, make a loop with the scarf and slip both the ends through that loop. Adjust the length to make it look classy.
  • If you have small scarves, make sure that you tie them at neck with the knot facing right or left.
  • If you are wearing a frock or dress ensure that you style these with a long scarf. Fold the scarf over lapping the other half and put it on your shoulder. Pull both the ends to the front and tie a small knot at the end or roll the let lose dangling ends and plate it.
  • Say bye to belts, when you have scarves. Wear a scarf around your waist like a belt and tie it towards a side.
  • Wear it instead of a head band. Pull the scarf beneath your hair or over it and tie it at the back neck. Take the dangling ends over your shoulders and leave it hanging in the front.

Get your scarf and try these tying to look chic.

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One Comment

  1. vijay says:

    Was reminded of the scarfs worn by Isla Fisher & others
    in the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”
    White scarf with black dots, black-striped ones, a great green chiffon scarf-
    All worn with elegance .
    The scarfs just float around with casual grace.
    Thanks for this scarf experience !!


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