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21 December 2011

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Run For A Ravishing Body

Most of us have this undisclosed love hate relationship with our gymnasiums for helping us get into that perfect shape and at the same time making we lose on sleep to be able to work out on time. With the pressures of everyday existence taking a toll on our being, the struggle to inculcate an exercise regime every day brings no relief. 


If you have been skipping the gym out of laziness or find yourself exhausted right at the beginning of the day post a hard-core workout, you may want to look at other simpler means of toning your frame and maintaining a healthy exercise routine. Less cumbersome exercises such as running can be a great boost to your health without you having to worry about gearing up for a gym visit every day. One can run anytime of the day and here are a few benefits that sure will encourage you to indulge in a brief run, with the next dawn

  • Running involves a great deal of muscle movement and hence it prevents your joints from getting stiff or any kind of joint pain
  • Regular runners have known to witness an improve in their blood circulation which also helps them keep heart ailments at bay
  • Running helps release the feel good hormones and hence boosts our mental health.


  • With a routine that involves a running practice for about 2-3 kms a day, an improvement in sleep patterns and decrease in symptoms like insomnia and stress have been noticed.
  • Besides burning those extra calories and making your body svelte, running is also known to help keep you looking younger by slowing the ageing process.
  • It also helps in keeping a tab on your blood pressure and keeps heart muscles in good shape, ensuring you remain full of vigour.
  • Studies also prove that a running regime helps boost sex drive In both men and women

With so many benefits to reap in, running sure holds a lot of potential as a form of exercise, so don your running shoes and get, set and go.



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