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26 September 2011

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Right Undergarments For The Beautiful You!

women pick the right undergarments

Having a great body doesn’t make a woman beautiful. The way she carries it defines the beauty. It is seen that many women who are endowed with a stunning body don’t accentuate its beauty the right way.

Experts say that what you wear inside actually shows the beautiful you to the outside world. Picking the right undergarment can makes a huge difference in showcasing the beauty of your body. Thus understand the importance of undergarments and make a difference to yourself.

women pick the right undergarments

Bra: Gone are those days when women had only one or two bras in her closet. Bras are more of a fashion statement these days. Wearing the right ones can make you look better. There are different styles customized bras available in the market these days.

T – Shirt Bra: These bras are designed exclusively to showcase the beauty of your bosoms in a t-shirt. The highlights of these bras are; they are made with soft pads and under wires that can support and keep the breasts in place. Their cups are plain and faultless. These bras are figure hugging and they bring out a woman’s beauty in the perfect way.

Padded Bra: These bras are blessing to women with small breasts. The padded cups give their breasts proper shape and size. Padded bras don’t make it look overly big instead they enhance it with the right volume.

Sports Bra: When you are exercising or you are engaged in any kind of sports make sure that you wear these bras, because sports bras can hold and keep your breast in place while you are in motion. Sports bras support breast in such a way that they curb breast sagging.

Full Cup Bras: These are recommended for women who have big breasts. Full cup bras can provide better support and coverage in comparison to usual bras. These come in under wire to support and bigger and wide cups to cover. It will help you avoid breast sagging and enhances its beauty.

Under Wire Bra: These bras are the right choice for women who want extra support and pushed – up effect. Women with heavy breasts opt for these. Under wire bras are made with plastic or metal wires under the bras. Thus lift the breast from bottom providing it a better shape and hold – up.

Denim Cup Bras: If you are wearing plunging neckline gown, tops or dresses these bras are the best. Denim cup bras don’t give great breast coverage. These bras will cover only the nipple portion thus helps you carry those plunging neckline garments well.

Strapless Bra: Best picks when you wear strapless clothes, see – through dresses, lined evening gown etc. Never make the mistake of carrying your strapless garments without these. With or without underwire strapless bras are available in the market. Thus pick your best bra.

Convertible Bra: These bras are multipurpose bras. Convertible bras have adjustable and interchangeable straps. These can be used with one strap, either the straps or no straps. These are worn with strapless dresses, halter neck clothes, cross – back style outfits etc.

Silicon Bras: These are self adhesive bras, transparent in colour. They stick to your breasts as they have adhesive coating. Silicon bras don’t have straps, they stick and stay there giving it a perfect shape. These can be worn under any kind of clothing.

women pick the right undergarments

Next in the undergarment line is underpants or panties for women. Selecting panties can either make or break you and your outfit. Hence be choosy when it comes to panties.

Granny Panties: These are the normal women briefs. These hi – cut briefs gives a full coverage to your bottom. These are any day a woman’s favourite. Simple yet the right choice to give a great shape.

Padded Panties: These panties are the best gift for women who have a flat bottom. Lately women have become fond of padded panties. It is sure that no woman would say no to that bootylicious look. While you wear saree these would help you give a perfect shape.

Thongs or G – String: When you wear a figure hugging clothing, thongs or g – strings is a must. Never wear your normal panties with a body fit outfit, as they would give you those side seams. Be a smart lady and wear thong or G – string when you are in that stunning garment of yours.

Bikini Underwear: Recently bikini underwear has become a woman’s hot choice. They come in low- rise, hi- rise, low cut, hi-cut, string bikini etc. In comparison to thongs these give more coverage to your buttocks.

There are other add – ons too to help you display your figure elegantly yet sexy. Corsets are a great way to look stunning. Make sure that you wear these when you wear an evening gown. Body Shapers enhance the beauty of your body by compressing the extra fat thus showcases the slim and trim you. Develop the habit of wearing Shorts as they give better shape to your bottom.

Wear the right undergarments and look stunning.

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