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22 December 2011

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Right Fit – Jeans for Men

We really can’t imagine men rummaging through several pair of jeans to find the right fit, under the pretext of shopping. However, men’s jeans are a crucial wardrobe staple and to find the right fit is important.  And, here are few tips for you:

Relaxed Fit Jeans:

The style is such that it has a full cut from the thigh to the bottom of the leg creating sufficient legroom for good comfort.

Athletic Built:  A relaxed fit looks good on an athletic frame.

Stout:  This style can make an hefty frame appear more comfortable as it won’t highlight the curves and bulges like most other styles.

Average Built:  It’s best to avoid this style as it can make you appear bulkier than you actually are.

Skinny:  Again, a thin frame needs to avoid this trend as it can look loose and dowdy on skinny legs.

Straight Cut:

As the name suggests, these jeans are designed to be straight from the hip to the hem of the leg -neither tapered nor extremely loose.


Athletic:  It is a great style to show off your molded lower half.

Stout:  It’s not really the right kind of cut for you as your frame can be emphasized.

Average:  This one is for you.

Skinny:  Opt for low-rise waists. The jeans should sit comfortably on your hips with some space for legroom.

Relaxed Straight Cut Jeans:

The style is straight at the top and flared at the bottom.

Athletic Built:  If you are athletic, a relaxed straight cut denim suits you well. Buy as many as possible. 

Stout:   For a hefty frame, this style offers more shape and form to your overall look, providing adequate room for movement and comfort.

Average Built: Not a bad idea to wear them.

Skinny: This style is not for the skinny as thin legs are lost in the voluminous cut below the knee.

Skinny Jeans:

The length is comparatively longer than the other styles as it clusters at the ankles. However, it is a bit challenging to find a cut that suits you, but once found it can look smart and hip.

Athletic: Stay away from it as the ultra –tight fitting can make you appear heavier.

Stout: Not for you. It can make your large legs appear like overfed cocoons. 

Average:  It’s not advisable if you have a big belly as it gives the illusion of a disproportionate frame.

Thin:  Just leap in. But assure that there is a small amount of stretch for a neat look.

Boot cut Jeans:

Boot cut styles are fitted from the waist to the knee and flares slightly from the knee. It makes sense for most body types.

Athletic:  Boot cut styles are perfect for an athletic frame. The flared hem at the bottom balances the overall look creating a neat silhouette.

Stout:  Go for it if you are heavier on the top as the space in the legs gives a proportionate look.

Average: The same rule goes for an average frame. Opt for the style if you are heavier on the top, otherwise avoid it.

Skinny:  It is the perfect cut for you. Just go for it.

 With that said, we presume that your shopping is much easier now! Let us know.


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