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16 December 2011

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Pre Wedding Bridal Make- up Tips

It’s essential to take care of certain things before the wedding starts. The big day can be most exciting day in your life and perhaps the most stressful. There are several things happening and you need to keep a track on all of them. And, the thought of appearing presentable and getting the right make-up done can be traumatic.

It is important to have a good skin to get a perfect make up done. However, there are a list of things that should be taken into consideration to look your best during the wedding. Following are few points that will ensure you have a glowing skin and in turn be confident with your make –up. 

  • Try facials at least twice a week in a month before the wedding.  Exfoliate your skin before your big day.
  • Avoid food or anything that could give you an oily skin as you may end up getting pimples or various other irritations and skin complications.
  • Get your eyebrows done a couple of days before the wedding as no amount of make-up can hide the redness. Well-shaped eyebrows frame the eyes really well.
  • If you have skin infections, go for skin care treatments as early as possible to revitalize the cells.  
  • Have a healthy diet that consists of fresh fruits and green vegetables that nourishes the body from within.  Avoid spicy, fried or fast food. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol as well.
  • Assure you drink  minimum of ten glasses of water a day. The more you drink the more it will keep your body and skin hydrated. To have a glowing skin, drinking water is very essential.
  • Never forget  to remove your make up the night before the wedding. Apply lip moisturizers and eye gel the previous night to keep it hydrated and fresh. The face should be clean and neat before you start your make up on the big day.
  • If you prefer your curly hair straightened, make sure you go for a deep conditioning treatment beforehand. You can then blow dry it and run a hot iron on your hair.
  • On the other hand, if you prefer your straight hair to be curled, assure you have a curling iron handy as you may want to touch up.
  • Try to learn some make up tricks and buy the essential cosmetics and products needed to use it for your big day. Never compromise on the quality.
  • The beauty sleep is an important factor that is often ignored. Despite the excitement and the fun, make sure you have some good amount of sleep so that you don’t end up looking dull and tired.
  • You can experiment carefully with products about a month before the wedding. So that, even if you get it wrong, it might disappear by the wedding day.
  • Try a body massage to overcome the tension. If the process is causing you anxiety before your wedding, a massage session can significantly help you.

It is best for the bride to have a trail section with the beauty stylist before hand. This would ensure that the bride selects the correct make-up, so that she appears confident and comfortable during the wedding.   The same goes for the hairstyle. Request your hair stylist to get a rehearsal done before the wedding, so that you don’t end up looking way off. A good idea is to have a rehearsal along with the attire and take photographs. This would enable one to check if you look presentable and would also save some stress and worry.

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