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28 December 2009

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Perceptions of beauty

Aishwarya Rai was on the cover page of Filmfare, Jade and People magazine’s November issue for their cover story, rating the most beautiful people in the Indian film industry. She is the epitome of beauty when it comes to India and Well! That has been acclaimed even world over! She has been my favorite since school days and following this beauty legend till date has made me come across different perceptions of beauty. Why it is that Smita Patil or Dimple Kapadia or Honey Irani, are claimed to be beautiful when some may like them and some may not? It’s because everyone has a different perception of beauty, Saying that everyone likes different types of beauty will be more apt.

My perceptions bring out five types of beauty

  • Aishwarya Rai Perceptions of beautyCalm and Serene– A beauty who is still like the ocean, whose flawless skin even gives moon a competition. Her walk is silent like the flowing breeze and her eyes can see you deep. She is everyone’s dream girl and it seems as if god would have taken all the time in the world to create someone so ethereal like her. Elegance is her attitude for which she is famous across all latitudes. Who will be a better example than Aishwarya Rai or Kate Winslet?
  • Earthy Beauty– A beauty which is so basic, so down to earth yet looks gorgeous when she is happy, like the mother earth smells fresh when it rains and everyone loves it. Her tolerance, patience, simplicity is what gives her confidence to cause an earthquake in minds of people she meets. Like an earthen pot she sacrifices herself to absorb the heat and provides coolness to people around her. The normal Indian housewife is an earthy beauty for sure.
  • Twinkling beauty– who doesn’t like a smiling face? A beauty whose smile just lights up your mood is a twinkling beauty. When she smiles, her eyes indicate the goodness inside disguised as naughtiness and her playful nature outside. Her simple and cute smile will make up every broken relationship and light up every broken heart. When you see her happy, you become happy. She laughs, runs, teases and rests your heart in peace. Ever noticed amongst your friends, the girl who always hits you and waits for your reaction?
  • Tough Beauty– Tough beauty is like a rock carved into a beautiful shape. She is firm, can ride a motorbike, punch the guys and stands up for what is always right. Her flamboyant, carefree yet responsible nature makes you go gaga over this mysterious girl. She is the son of her parents. Like Bipasha Basu and Maria Sharapova, so tough yet so beautiful.
  • Fresh Beauty– A girl who is like the dew drop. Green is her color. She is always like the morning grass. Her wet hair makes you feel fresh. Whole day long, either she sits quiet or moves out, she leaves the scent of freshness through her face, her ideas and her conduct. At the end of the day kajal in her eyes has been washed still her eyes are pure, fresh and innocent as if they are seeing the world for the first time. Remember Preity Zinta in Dil Chahta hai?

In short every girl is beautiful, only thing you need to change is your perception about her beauty. Because beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. So girls, which beauty are you?

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