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26 December 2011

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Partying Without Guilt

With a hoard of invitations to the celebration events making rounds at your bedside table, the party season seems to be the flavour of December. A fun filled package with laughter music, people and of course the bouts of delicacies to gulp, New Year’s Eve just doesn’t get any better.

Amidst the mood and thrill of the holiday times, all of us tend to indulge a bit more than the usual, whether it is that cheese laden snacks platter or that nth glass of wine that is raised a toast as, only to realise the bulges around your waist soon after. Well if this just sound like your story, here are a few tips from our party experts who have made it a habit to make the most of the party season without having to worry about the aftermaths of those unwanted calories.

 • Munch on a handful of dry fruits such as walnuts , almonds or even some rice puff snack to fill the stomach before you set out for the occasion

 • Ditch those sodas and aerated drinks and carry a bottle of water instead. Not only will this help steer clear of those unwanted calories but also prevents water retention after a boozing spree

 • Dig into the veggies and salad platter before you reach out to the rich main course section.

 • When indulging in food, opt for more than 3 items in your plate to bring in a variety of foods and flavour, this will also cut down on the intake of that favourite pizza or those mozzarella fried bites.


• Consuming food in small portions is the best way to keep your appetite satiated without getting overfilled. Restrict to only one or at the max two servings

 • When hosting a party, do stock healthy snacking options such as pretzels, nuts, popcorn (without butter) and even health bars for those after hours of snacking.

• With each glass of wine that you sip, drink a glass of water too, this prevents dehydration and will automatically reduce your alcohol consumption.

• Lastly, refrain from looking at the dessert platter, round off your meal with a fruit bowl instead which will save you a ton of calories.

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