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20 July 2011

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Wearing  fab clothes and having a chic hairstyle isn’t all that, nails play a vital role in looking classy and hey also personal hygiene. Most people don’t really pay attention on their nails,dabbing nail color on them whenever and not maintaining them.Men also tend to ignore their nails and think its only for women have manicures! Below are  simple ways one can easily take care of his or her nails regularly.

  • Soak your nails in warm water and almond oil atleast twice a week,this helps to make them firm and also removes impurities.
  • Use cuticle oil everyday. This oil is available in any leading pharmacy outlets, one can either apply it in the morning or nigght before retiring.
  • Filled and buffed atleast once a  week to retain the shape of your nails.
  • Use hand and nail lotion everyday.This helps in hydrating your nails and keep them looking good.
  • Always protect your nails when dealing with chemicals.Day to day chemicals caan affect your nails,therefore wearing of gloves before handling chemicals is advised.
  • Give them a break from nail polishes.Having nail polish on everyday of your life isn’t the smartest thing to do,give ur nails a break also, nice manicured nails without polish look good too.
  • Avoid fake nails. Unless it’s really necessary that you get them this is something to avoid! And please NO superglue ,that just kills your nails right on.
  • Get a manicure set. Once you’ve learnt how to manicure your own nails,getting your own set can save money and time.
  • Long isn’t necessarily stylish or better.One can have short nails that are maintained properly and also look stylish.
  • When applying dark colors on,never forget to apply a layer of colorless polish first so as to avoid staining of your nails.
  • Do not bite your nails.This is a habit amongst many. B        iting of nails is simply a no-no! This damages your nails and it’s also not hygenic.


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