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26 October 2011

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Nail Care

Your nails can start flaking because of continuous abuse from acetone removers, harsh detergents, improper care etc. Inappropriate filing of nails or lack of moisture can spoil the nails to a considerable extent. Cuticles [thin skin around the nails] tend to get rough because of clipping, biting or cutting the cuticles.

Nails need regular care and manicuring to keep it looking beautiful and attractive. Nice looking hands reduce a woman’s age by several years. In fact, healthy nails signify the overall health and robustness of a person. A little time spent in nail care can go a long way in making an enormous difference in your overall appearance. Here are few essential tips.

• Make use of good quality cuticle oil and push the cuticles gently with an orange wood stick. Keep it moisturized at all times.

 • Keep the nails short for easy maintenance. Short nails that are square in shape with rounded edges at the sides are currently in vogue.

 • Filing the nails from side to side would weaken the nails. The correct process is to go from the corner to the center in just one direction.

• Make sure that the nails are dry, clean, spotless and free of any lotion before applying the nail polish.

• Use a base coat first before applying nail polish. The base coat will keep the nail polish from chipping and also makes the polish stay for longer period. Allow the base coat to dry before you apply the polish.

• Always apply two coats of polish. Finish it in three strokes – a stroke on each side of the nail and one in between.

• Remember to dry your polish completely before you apply the next coat.

• Once it is is dry apply a top coat to keep it intact. You can apply it on daily basis to increase the longevity of your manicure as well as the nail color.

• A base coat helps in the preservation of the color on the nail while the top coat protects the enamel.

 • As far as possible avoid acetone polish removers and opt for ones that contain acetate. Also, try not to use removers more than once a week.

 • Leave your nails free without any polish every now and then otherwise, the nails tend to become yellow making it appear lifeless and dull.

• Never develop the habit of biting your nails as they are tremendously harmful for the nails and the cuticles.

 • Nail polish can be made thinner by adding few drops of remover to the solution.

 • While applying polish always leave a hairline space between the cuticle and the color. This avoids the color from bleeding and the nails appear longer as well.

 • Keep your nails slightly longer when applying lighter shades and short when choosing darker tones.

• If you are doing a manicure at the parlor assure that all equipments are properly sterilized. Diseases like hepatitis can be transmitted by unsanitary manicure tools.

 • Make use of rubber gloves for household chores.

• Weak flaky nails could also signify a diet deficient in nutrients and vitamins. Eat food stuffs that are rich in iron and zinc.

Follow the above mentioned tips and notice the difference. After all, neat, clean, attractive and healthy nails are a delight to see.

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