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12 September 2011


Mykel Kumar To Tattoo Bangalore!

Creativity at its best describes this young and enthusiastic tattoo artist, Mykel Kumar. If you are one of those who had always craved to get a tattoo inked on you, the best place in Bangalore could be Mykel’s studio, ‘The Pumpkin Patch’.

Mykel says that tattooing has always been fun and as the practice gets better, he inks the best tattoos ever! If you think of getting a butterfly, fairy, your loved ones names or some religious idols on you, ‘The Pumpkin Patch’ assures to ink the unique and eye – catchy tattoos on your body.

Could you please tell our readers, how you started as a tattoo artist?

It all started one afternoon about 4 years ago while I was still pursuing my Animation career that my dad walked into my room with tattoo equipment and said “Figure out how it’s done and start doing this on the side”. From there on it was mostly through practice and like with anything else, the experience gained is directly proportional to the amount of practice you give yourself. More practice= More experience=Better work.

Your studio name, ‘The Pumpkin Patch’ sounds really interesting, is there something interesting behind this name selection?

I am a very big fan of Tim Burton and always have sort of connected with his movies. One of his older films called ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ has a character from the land of Halloween called ‘Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King’ and that really caught on to me. The name for the studio came about when I was thinking of what it could be called and after a lot of brainstorming recalled a line from one of the songs from the movie, that says, “Skeleton Jack is King of The Pumpkin Patch” and I knew right that second that is what I want the studio to be called.

What makes ‘The Pumpkin Patch’ different?

Any good tattoo artist can replicate a design that is brought to them. And while there are loads and loads of tattoo studios in Bangalore, very few places really care about the art as opposed to the money. Here at The Pumpkin Patch however, when a client comes to us with an idea or a design, we would sit down with them and figure out exactly what they have in mind and try and incorporate that into a design as much as possible so that the client can get something that’s unique and personal to them alone and not something that is found, off the net and thereby removes the risk of somebody else having the same tattoo.

People have many myths about tattoos, one of the popular myths is that, tattooing hurts a lot, as an artist do u say that this myth is true?

Of course it hurts but it is very bearable. As heard from clients; they have said that it hurts way less than threading or waxing if not the same. I guess it depends on each person’s threshold of pain but 99% of the people I have tattooed even if scared initially, say “oh….that’s it???” once I have inked the first line on them.

Could you please tell us about the Bangalore tattoo trends?

Bangalore is still getting into the whole tattoo culture as of right now but it is nice to see more and more people being open to the idea of tattoos. And since it is still in its growing stage the most popular requests you see right now are simple butterflies, flowers, names, tribal pieces, religious deities etc. nothing too complicated which should change once more people are aware of the variety in designs available.

Most of the people go behind Gothic style, do you think that only Gothic style can make a tattoo look cool? If not which are the other cool styles to be followed?

I don’t believe any one particular style can make a tattoo look cool. It is upto the artist to see what styles can go with what and how best to take even a simple design request of a client like a ‘name’, for example, and turn it into something more if the client is ok with it. So that way the client has what he/she wanted along with a little something extra.

In comparison to software or a regular job, art based jobs are paid less. Also people go for artistic jobs out of passion. With regard to the monetary factor of this trade what do you have to say?

It is not going to be easy at first and you will face a lot of ups and downs, but if you have the passion and drive to follow through with something just about any obstacle can be taken care of.

Do you have a dream tattoo design? Have you done it yet?

Yes I have a dream tattoo design, but I have not done it yet because it is still in the process of being made. I have it all in my head, putting that down on paper that is taking the time.

What is your piece of advice to those aspiring tattoo artists?

Always give 100% to any tattoo you are working on, because the client trusts you to do something permanent on them. Practice more and be open to learning.

Give our readers the details you can about The Pumpkin Patch, like location, offers, etc.

The studio is located near Bangalore City College which is in the vicinity of kamanahalli, hennur, banaswadi. The contact numbers are +91 9886592447 and +91 9886781593. Also, seeing how Facebook is widely available to just about everyone, the work/art from The Pumpkin Patch can be viewed there by just running a search for it. Offers are made following a certain theme almost every month and most of them are made based on a first come first serve basis and is highly interactive with the studio’s page on Facebook.

Rapid Fire:

How many tattoos do you have on yourself? – Ten (for now)

Your favourite tattoo style: – I would have to say 3D sort of stuff, skin effects and fantasy/fiction theme related tattoos

A celebrity who you would love to ink: – Well, I haven’t really thought about that one. I would be super honoured if a celebrity would want me to tattoo them.

Something that nobody knows about you: – Well, I never thought I would say this but I am Batman… I am sorry that was way too hard to resist.

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  1. kenny Goes says:

    WOW Brilliant My Friend … U Rock n Roll !!! Cheers Ma Mam !!! Great Going , Love Ur work

  2. Karthik Prabhu says:

    Great article and wonderful work. Its quite difficult in today’s world to find people who have found their true passion and I feel Mykel has managed to get to the next level and while staying honest to his passion.

    Cheers Mate

  3. Ruvina says:

    Congrads Mykel. 🙂

  4. sanju says:

    i want to tatoo just like enrique did it in his arms. It is clearly visible in the song ADDICTED by enrique. Is it possible for you to do it.


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