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11 December 2011

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Must Have Wardrobe Essentials

There are a few basic wardrobe essentials that are so versatile and timeless around which you can build your wardrobe. You’ll never be at a loss for something to wear if you have them in your closet.  By using some trendy accessories these essential elements will allow you to remain perfectly classy. Also, paying a little more extra for quality pieces ensures that it will last for many seasons to come because they never go out of style. When you’re at a loss on what to wear, you can count on these essentials to make a timeless statement.

A White Shirt:

No wardrobe is complete without a classic white shirt. A simple, well-fitted, button down white shirt has a crisp simplicity that makes it practical and unpretentious. Choose one with a little stretch and a cut that’s flattering to your body shape. For instance, if you have wide shoulders, stay away from large collars.  It can be teamed up with a variety of things for different looks. You can either wear it tucked in for a professional look or leave it hanging down in a casual fashion. It can be layered over and under jackets, camisoles etc adding a fresh dimension to your wardrobe.

A Black Suit:

A black suit always looks professional and pulled together and can get you through most occasions. You may not have time to run out and find the appropriate attire when things like interviews crop up. Having a well fitted suit will keep you ready on any occasion. Opt for one that has a jacket, pant, or a skirt to get the most out of your investment. You can pair it with numerous tops and accessories to modify your look according to the occasion.

 A Pair of Dress Pants:

Get a well-fitted trouser in black or dark grey with a slightly wide leg to wear on interviews and important meetings. Black especially is flattering on all figure types and goes with almost everything. Let your pants be long enough to wear with heels, but let it not drag on the ground.


Choose a pair of jeans that fits you flawlessly and flaunts your best features. Opt for a stretch style that has a small amount of lycra incorporated into the cloth to ensure that the jeans hugs your curves right. Spending a little extra on a perfect pair of jeans is definitely worth the effort and money. Generally a dark colored jean is flattering to all body types and they can also be worn in situations where business casuals are permitted. You can dress them up or down and pair them with all kind of accessories. 

 Three Simple Tees:

Simple and decent t-shirts can create wonders. Make sure you have tees that can be teamed with jeans, trousers or skirts. Opt for ones that skim your body. Do not go for boxy styles or very tight ones. Let it fall smoothly on your body. Choose V-necklines as they suit almost all body types and can create a slimming look.

The Little Black Dress:

When it comes to sophistication, there are few things that can’t compete with the perfect little black dress. Created by Coco Chanel, a black dress is just as versatile as your black suit only a little more fun and a little hotter. Choose a black dress with a classic shape and hemline to ensure maximum use. You can dress it up for a night out with killer heels or be a hippest person at the club with a chunky necklace. You can also try pairing it with a classy blazer, a trendy scarf, a pair of black leggings or stockings, a stylish pair of boots or an attractive belt.  Remember, the ways you can accessorize a black dress are just endless.

A Classic long Coat, Blazer or Jacket:

Buy a nice colored blazer, jacket or coat that can be worn over a dull shirt. It is a great way to always look polished and will compliment most if not all outfits. Its versatility allows you to wear it throughout spring, fall and winter. It adds a simple, yet elegant touch to any outfit. Be sure to choose pieces that will seamlessly mesh with current trends and which can be expressed through stylish mufflers, scarves, stoles, hats, or accessories. 

Great Bras & Panties:

Good underwear can be the foundation of your look. It can take you really far. Shabby and droopy bras can make your outfit look grumpy and outdated.  It can mar your look terribly.  Spend some time and money to look out for well-fitted bras that don’t bulge, pinch or show under your clothes. The same applies for panties as well.


It is advisable to have at least three pairs of decent footwear in your wardrobe. One could be a pair of high-heels; the next could be chic flats while the third one could be a nice strap on. Opt for basic colors like black, brown or perhaps the metallic shades. While buying a pair of heels choose a high quality one that is comfortable. A pair of black high heels is considered timeless and classic. Whether it’s a pair of skinny jeans or the black suit or the little black dress, high heels will do the trick!


Opt for a great watch that is timeless and looks great on your wrist. It definitely does make a statement and breaks the rules in a stylish way. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you can never go wrong with diamonds. They are the perfect jewelry for day or night.  They add a special touch to any outfit and are appropriate for all seasons. Invest in a classic hand bag like a tote or a shoulder bag for the day and a ‘clutch’ is best for the night.

Once you create a great foundation for your wardrobe, the rest is simple! You can choose cheap but trendy pieces to satisfy your fashion fixes and mix the items together for a stylish look! This way, you will always look great, classy, elegant, chic and stylish!


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