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23 November 2012


Monkey Bar Review | The Mandis

The Mandis

What happens when two people meet and they discover their reason for existence is food? That too in a place like Bangalore , which is anyday, a foodie’s paradise! That’s the story of The Mandis – a journey to taste and rate. So join us as we embark on a journey of food, friends and fun. Life is short, eat n enjoy while it lasts ;)

Monkey Bar

Monkeybar boasts of being a gastropub, an old English concept of a pub where food has pretty much the same importance as drinks, which is why a bunch of us foodies landed up here on a Wednesday night. Thanks to the wide-spread bird flu scare across Bangalore, we were on a renunciation phase and skipped everything on the menu that had anything to do with our beloved chicken n egg.

The place looks retro, with the dim lighting,retro posters and brick walls. And not to miss that old scooter perched up on the side of the wall. They have a lower basement with a pool table and a foosball table but we decided to give it a miss, since we were more keen on the gastro puja.

This is indeed a gastropub, but mind you, if you are a vegetarian, you would NOT come here a second time (or even a first time if you know how disappointing the veg menu is)  and would want to forget the whole experience of munching on those “just okay” vegan dishes on the veg-despising menu!

The Veggie Burger and the Veg Little Dragon were way too disappointing. But to make up for that, the Baked Potato Skins was mouth watering. Meanwhile, the carnivorous bunch of us treated ourselves to a feast of burgers and drinks. The much talked about Lamb Burger lived upto the expectations and the Cheeseburgers were pretty good too, with the meat being tender and juicy and the buns soft.The service was good, staff was friendly and we got everything in 15 minutes.

Foodie’s wishlist for next time :

Cornflake Chicken
Prawns Balchao

P.S Newly added on the menu: Absinthe 😉

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  1. Crzygrl Uthup says:

    You guys gave it only 6 ‘n a 7 for food?! Try the pork chops next time… I’m sure the rating will go up least by 2 points!! 🙂


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