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07 June 2011

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Managing a Wardrobe Efficiently

Managing a wardrobe efficiently is not an easy task and with the endless number of things you have to fit in, it sure can make you go bizarre. And what to do if you have a pigeonhole wardrobe with an inadequate storage space? Well, the first thing that you need to do is to make space. Assure that you get rid of all unwanted clothes – the ones you got on sale or the fad that you thought it is just going to take over. Once you do that, you will be surprised to find that there is more space than you actually expected. If you have a single shelved cupboard, your clothes will eventually have to be folded and stocked in heaps. You can segregate them in terms of formal or causal wear.

• Shirts and t-shirts can be separated and arranged according to the color or frequency of wear. You can further divide it on the length of the sleeves, full or half to provide more ease and visibility when you are rushing to work. Keep the basic colors like black, white or beige close at hand because of their extended use.

• When it comes to trousers or jackets, it is best to hang them. When there isn’t sufficient space, three-fold them stack it in piles and divide it in terms of casual and formal wear. If possible, hang the pants and jackets that crease easily from clip hangers. You can also purchase stand- alone racks separately to overcome the problem of hanging clothes in your wardrobe.

• Dresses and skirts are also best when hung. Many skirts come with two loops on the inside to be hung on hangers. You can invest in some clip-hangers and hang them in your cupboard or hang them in the stand-alone racks. Vintage dresses with beadings, delicate materials or heavily embroidered clothing can be wrapped in tissue paper/butter paper and stored in empty shirt boxes. Knitted and jersey material need not be hung. You can keep them folded.

• Your socks and lingerie can be stuffed inside drawers. You can perhaps set dividers accordingly. Fold bras in half with one cup onto the other to maintain the cup shape. If you do not have enough space, you can put your lingerie into a laundry bag, with some pot pourri in it. You can then fix a nail in the bathroom and hang your bag there.

• Accessories can be stored in boxes. The same colored accessories can be combined in sets and each one can be put in separate bags. You can also exhibit your bangles and bracelets on a hanger by simply opening the hook of the hanger and passing the bangles and bracelets through it. Your belts can be rolled up and used as dividers inside the drawers. You can also hammer a nail inside the cupboard if there is space and hang in your belts there. Otherwise you can hang them at the back of the door or on the wall.

Use these tips to make certain that you run your wardrobe and not make your wardrobe run you!

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