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12 September 2011

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Maintaining the Suit

If buying the suit is half the job done, then taking care of the suit is the remaining half of the job. To preserve the durability of the attire utmost care should be taken so as to keep the outfit in good shape for years to come. Certain things to consider are hanging, cleaning, ironing, storage and protection from insects.

Do not stuff your coat pocket with items like keys as it might leave a stain on the seams. When you sit down assure that you unbutton your suit jacket, otherwise you might end up pulling it in. In addition pull your pants up a bit on the thighs so that you don’t stretch the fabric.

While ironing your suit keep it in steam mode as dry iron will not give you good results on wool. Move the iron up and down instead of moving it around the fabric. This will help in preserving the integrity of the fabric. Too much of heat can also damage the fabric. Hence, it is advisable to place a clean cloth on top of your suit while ironing.

When you remove the suit, brush it up with a clothes brush to keep it clean. Brush it once every time you use the attire. It removes dirt that is build up on the garment. Before putting them in your wardrobe, hang your suits to air for a day. This will dry any moisture that is stuck to your outfit.

Another important aspect is protection from moths. You surely don’t want your expensive suit to be bitten by moths. Keep it protected by using moth repellents to drive these flaming insects away.

Hang your suit in wooden hangers that are especially made for the garment. No matter how long, the support you get from the hangers will keep the suit in good shape. Avoid metal hangers. Allow some room between the suits while hanging. In addition, do not keep any weight on the pocket while hanging it, as the fabric tends to lose its original shape. Avoid stuffing your attire in between other clothes as it tends to wrinkle. If you are storing the outfit in a bag opt for a breathable bag that is fully closed. Fold the garment inside out to avoid any possible dirt from accumulating on the outer part of the fabric.

Do not dry clean your suit unnecessarily. Too much of dry cleaning reduces the integrity of the natural fibers. Dry clean it once a season and at other times have it steamed or pressed and spot cleaned as and when essential. Never pop your suit in the washing machine. You can also hang them while taking a shower. The steam that comes out from your shower would help the fabric regain its shape and also prevent it from creasing. But if there is a stain on the garment give it for dry cleaning at the earliest so as to not allow the stain to set in.

Following these few tips can take you a long way in preserving the durability of the fabric. After all, suits and jackets are not something you can throw away after four or five washes.

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