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24 November 2011

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Liquids To Lighten

Battling the weight battle is almost a lifetime of a journey, where in a lot of we fail to understand the nuances of the weight loss phenomena and get struck in a mirage of diet plans that only end up leaving us depressed and demotivated . Unlike the ideas propagated by weight loss programs, it is essential to understand the working of the body metabolism and the rate at which it burns calories to be able to work on it accordingly and get positive results.

Instead of starving to cut down on calories, one can judiciously cut down on those unwanted calories by consuming the right kind of food items (ones that are nutritious yet low on calories) and can also include foods or drinks that enhance and aggravate the metabolism and hence help to burn calories faster than other foods. For example, consumption of liquids can be a great booster for your weight loss program as liquids are easier to digest and have lesser calories. However drinks do not really mean indulging in chocolate laden shakes or aerated colas. Does this confuse you further? Well do not worry for we have a list of healthy liquids that if included in your diet can show miraculous results.

The most sought after and the most easily available drink that we survive on, water not only helps to prevent dehydration but ensures that the stomach remains full for a longer period of time.

Fruit juices and Smoothies
This refers to fresh juices that have high vitamin and mineral content and offer instant energy, however refrain from consuming canned versions as these are high on sugar and preservatives.

Lemon water
Taken at regular intervals (with negligible or no sugar), this can enhance the metabolism to a great extent

Herbal Tea
Ditch those caffeine laden tea and coffee healthier options. Herbal teas such as green tea, lemon tea, chamomile and jasmine have a soothing effect on your body and boost the process of digestion

Inclusion of milk in your daily diet is essential to provide an appropriate dose of calcium to it. A suggestion however is to opt for toned milk instead of full cream milk.

PS: Swearing by a single liquid and shunning all other food items can prove to be fatal hence it is important to regulate the content of each drink and consume/substitute them in consultation with a nutrition expert.

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