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16 September 2011

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Learn To Walk Like A Model!

Models have a very unique and elegant walking style. This is gained with a lot of hard work and practice. If you are one among those ladies who aspire to become a model, then catwalk is one among the priorities to be achieved at any cost. A model stands out the crowd because of her walking style. Thus catwalk trainers say that inorder to make it big as a model you have to get your walk right.

Here are a few tips to be followed to get that voguish yet stunning catwalk.

how to walk like a model?

•Experts suggest while learning start with 2 inches heels. Make sure that you use adhesive tapes on the tip of the heels, so that you don’t slip. As you get comfortable go for higher heels.

•Gain the model like posture by pushing your shoulders back and pelvic bone a little forward. Keep your neck long, make sure not to pop it out. Hence it doesn’t look like a part of your body. While you pull your stomach in keep your butt tight and keep your chest out.

•Place one foot right in front of the other, as if you are walking on a rope. Toes should be kept straight in front and walk in a normal pace. This will help you gain the model like swing that you notice in most of the ramp shows.

•Never balance on the heels of your feet instead balance on the ball of your feet.

•Lift your knees up a little higher and stretch your steps more than your normal walk. As you walk let your arms swing naturally, be careful not to overdo it.

•When you walk look straight and keep your chin slightly up. Keep yourself cool and look composed.

•Your head should be the last part of your body that moves when you make your turn at the head ramp.

how to walk like a model?

Yes! You have got it perfect, practice more and become a perfectionist at it.

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