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25 June 2012

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Lata Goenka Kedia is Styling Bangalore!

Lata Goenka Kedia, the face behind (Director) Maximum Effect, a leading image consultancy that is on a mission to enlighten, transform and empower individuals with tools and skills that encourage them to put their best face forward.  Lata Goenka - Image consultant BangaloreShe  is quickly gaining a reputation of an astute, insightful and impactful consultant in Bangalore. Her expertise , knowledge and certified training in this field has helped her put together effective wardrobe solutions making a significant difference in the life of men and women – be it in the corporate or social sector.

Lata has a cosmopolitan outlook on style and works well with clients from all cultures. Rigorous training under renowned international colour and style specialists has helped her gain profound knowledge in personal colouring, unique style and personality & figure dressing. This has not only changed the lifestyle of her clients but also aspired them to work towards their goals for life. After practicing in Singapore for 5 years, Lata moved to India where she is now based in Bangalore and is geared up to explore various facets of Image development.

 FashionBangalore caught up with her with questions on personal style and the importance of image makeover. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

What inspired you to set up your own image consultancy firm?

I’ve been entrepreneurial from a young age and always wanted to do something of my own. The joy and satisfaction out of empowering someone to look and more importantly, feel their very best was too good an offer to resist.

How would you describe your personal style? Does it reflect your personality?
Yes, very much so. I like to dress in solid colours with not too many patterns. I also prefer geometrical designs as opposed to free-falling, and I always prefer only one statement piece or quirky detail. I’ve realised that there is a direct correlation to my personality and personal style, in that I like to be very organised and neat but can be dramatic when I want to. Personality dressing is also one of my favourite topics to work with clients on! It encourages the client to dress in a way that is more authentic and honest to themselves, thus creating a stronger impact.

Who would you pick as the best dressed celebrities?
I love the way Rahul Khanna dresses. Gayatri Devi was always an idol and I often say to my husband that I’m going to dressed in only chiffons and pearls once I hit 40! She has created a legacy and sensibility of style that is understated, yet powerful and memorable.

What is the most striking constituent of a person’s image?
First, your visual impact. Then, the way you engage with a person. People see before they hear and judge within 6 seconds so I would have to say, the very first impression you make will the most impactful.

What are the factors to keep in mind while choosing an outfit?

Firstly, the occasion, then the venue and time. Any outfit you choose should flatter your natural colouring and bodyline.

Is there any make-up style that would go with any kind of outfit?
I would say ‘fresh faced’ which also happens to be a huge trend right now. A clean, fresh face with a hint of blush, glossy lips and a touch of eyeliner can take you from work to party in an instant.

What led you to choose Bangalore as your base?
I didn’t choose the city, the city chose me! I moved to Kolkata where my extended family resides in July 2010 and got engaged to my now-husband in August of the same here. He introduced me to the wonderful city of Bangalore which I absolutely love and now consider home. Professionally too, I feel it has been a great move, with the myriad of cultures present here alongwith most of the corporates.

Do the expectations of corporate clients in Singapore vary from those in Bangalore?
In some ways, yes. In Bangalore, we are doing a lot more cultural sensitisation training programmes for corporate clients. However, companies here are also gradually realising the importance of an ‘Executive Presence’ and thus the demand of Executive Image Coaching is rising here. This means a lot more focus on strategically managing your visual impact and professional presence. The expectation of high quality training however is global and our clients here do appreciate that we pride ourselves on solutions-focused, professional training programmes.

What are your plans for the future?
I am currently investing a lot of time in growing our team here at Maximum Effect Image Consultants. We have recently ventured wholeheartedly into corporate image strategies and are working on growing that arm of the business. I do hope to continue teaching image consulting as I did in Singapore but that will only be looked into in 2013.

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