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29 January 2010

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Jaya Misra’s Peace and Freedom Collection

jaya misra collectionDesigner Jaya Misra has designed the “PEACE and FREEDOM” collection departing from the usual trend of designing for glamour quotient. For this collection, she has created garments that are essentially subtle and reflective of an inner peace and contentment.

Across the globe the movement against terrorism is gaining momentum each and every day. As the world reels under violence, terrorism and global attacks there is an imperative urge to seek peace. Global citizens are seeking peace both within themselves and in their daily life. We in India also stand united in the war against terror and vow to make peace a part and parcel of our daily life and fashion. The “Peace and Freedom Collection” seeks to capture this quest for happiness and peace which is inherent to each and every human soul.

The collection is far removed from the high glamour world of fashion. It is subtle, deep and reflective of the contentment that is characteristic to our inner soul. Delving deep within our personal, the collection seeks to capture the essence of our basic nature. Hence, sans of artificial embellishment, the collection uses natural fabrics like khadi, cotton, raw tasshar and muga silk. The use of subtle and nationalistic colours like white, saffron, green, beige and brown further enhances the peace quotient of the collection. Added to it are touches of red and black that signal an indomitable fiery spirit willing to vanquish any obstacles that hinder the pursuit of peace.

The silhouettes are varied in nature. At the same time however they capture the cuts which are traditionally Indian. The dresses which essentially trace back to ethnic Indian roots come in various cuts like flared kameez, anghrakha, dhoti pant, jodhpuri pant among others. Of course the traditional Indian saree too is not left out and there is an impressive display of digital printed sarees with detailing of texturing with tri colour. Matched with proper accessories like Nehru cap and the traditional poet jhola, this collection captures the very essence of Indianism.

In the fast moving and rapid world of fashion the collection comes as a breath of fresh air allowing us to take a peek within ourselves and search for inner contentment.

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