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29 September 2011

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Improve Metabolism And Stay In Shape

foods to improve metabolic rate in a human being
When you think of weight loss or work out, the term, ‘Metabolism’ is heard very frequently. According to experts metabolism is nothing but the amount of energy or calories your body burns to maintain its functions. For eg: If your weight is 350 pound, then your metabolic rate will be around 3500 calories per day.

Experts say that having lower or higher metabolic rate can ruin your health. Thus improving or maintaining it is important, here are some foods that are capable of increasing your metabolic rate and help you stay in shape.

Protein: Studies say that protein can boost your metabolism. It is found out that if you have a protein rich diet it can help you control your hunger. There by it will help you maintain your weight, without those extra pounds. Experts suggest replacing carbohydrates and fat with protein. For example: Include lean meats, protein shake, milk, low-fat yogurt etc in your diet.

Super Foods: Specialists say that super foods are the best way to boost your health. These foods guard you against any kind of illness. Super foods improve your metabolism and help you stay in shape. Foods like; blueberries, oranges, grape fruit, yogurt, tomatoes etc should be included along with your diet.

Spicy Foods: Most of the people stay away from spicy food. But studies have found that the mild thermogenic effect in these foods can help you burn fat easily. Hence spicy foods are a great way to boost your metabolic rate and inturn stay fit. But if you over eat these foods, it can affect your health. Thus ensure that you include them to your existing diet.

Water: You must have heard people telling that a human being should drink 8 glasses of water a day. Yes, it is must to drink enough water to keep you hydrated, therefore increase your metabolism. If you belong to the category of people who drink less water or no water at all, this can affect your health, because water in your diet can help in burning the right amount of calories.

Include these foods in your diet and increase your metabolism. Thus stay healthy and in shape.

foods to improve metabolic rate in a human being

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