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09 August 2011

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How to Wear Dark Nail Polish

Dark nail polish would simply make you stand out from the rest. Though termed gothic it has taken the mainstream these days. It is nothing but tremendously trendy.

Centuries back, dark nail polish was the symbol of royalty. The queens would not be caught dead without deep red nails. But, today it is more of a deadly style statement. The goth-glam trend is making waves and doing the rounds all over the world. Nonetheless, dark nail colors still have their own set of issues. Here are few tips on how it can be sorted.

• Black nail polish is tremendously gothic. However, if black nail is just not you, try colors like deep brown, dark shades of navy, shades of purple – the choice is endless. Another option is to mix. Apply the black nail polish as the first coat and perhaps a lighter shade can be applied on the top. Few people just paint the tip of their nails in black instead of white. There are several ways on how you can wear a dark nail color.

• The rule of the thumb is to have short nails with dark polish and vice versa. Do not extend beyond the curve of your fingertips. Stay away from long fake nails. File your nails in such a way that it is in the form of a square with the tips rounded. Make good use of your nail filer and emery boards.

• Before polishing, apply a bit of cuticle oil to the skin surrounding your nails. So if it smudges when you polish your nails, the polish will stick to the oil and not the skin. This way it would be easy to remove the polish that surrounds your nail. You can later clean the surroundings with a clean cotton piece.

• Dark pigments can stain your nails. To prevent this apply a transparent base coat. The base coat acts as a shielding layer between the nails and the pigment. If your nails still appear discolored, soak them in a cleansing solution and scrub it gently with a nail brush that is specially designed for the nails.

• Do not apply thick coats. Thick coats are not only shabby but they tend to peel off more faster. You will need to reapply it daily. Once you apply the first coat of polish leave it for around ten to fifteen minutes to dry [remember dark nail polishes can take a longer time to dry]. Then finish the process with a glossy top coat.

• The key is to team it with the right outfit. Keep your outfit and make-up simple. Do not wear bright outfits or dark red lipstick shades.

• Dark shades tend to attract more attention. Hence keep you hands neat and presentable. Assure that it is well-groomed and not messy. For an added effect, do a manicure at regular basis and keep it moisturized at all times.

Usually the trend is to wear dark nail colors during the fall and light colors during the summer. But of late, dark nail colors show up anytime including the summer days. Just team it with the right outfit and correct make-up coupled with an ‘I-don’t –care,’ attitude.

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