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27 October 2011

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How to Wash your Denim

Denim is a very versatile fabric and not to mention that it is most people’s favorite. And, it is quite natural to feel that our favorites should last as long it possibly can. All it requires is a little care and attention. Having said that, the following instructions can help you to extend the life of your denim and keep it great for years to come.

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 The first time you wash your jeans wash it separately. Washing can sluice out some of the dye and could turn your other clothes blue. Hence do not mix your denim with other fabrics. In addition, wash it inside out as this is a great way to maintain the color, ensuring that it doesn’t fade too fast. It also guarantees that there is no damage to the detailing by preserving the overall look of the denim. Additionally, the first time you wash your jeans, soak it in salt water for about 30 minutes so that the color stays intact.

 Hand wash your jeans in a tub or sink rather than using the washing machine.  Make use of mild soap and coil the jeans in the water a couple of times instead of brushing it. Then rinse mildly. Use cold water particularly if it is a dark colored pair. Avoid using bleach when washing your denims and always make use of a very mild detergent. Using a color protecting detergent, particularly for darker clothes will keep most of the dye from running.

 As far as possible wash your jeans before you hem. When you hem it to the correct length and then wash your jeans it is likely to shrink, making the length shorter than needed.  Well we understand, it can get boring to wash it even before we use it. Hence, another option when you hem your jeans is to allow extra length [about half an inch or so] as this will buffer any further shrinkage.

 Nevertheless, it is advisable to wash your jeans only after you’ve worn them for a few times unless of course they are dirty or have a stain. Less washing will preserve the color of your jeans and too much detergent can also harm the jeans and in turn ruin the fit. If there is a stain avoid hot water at any cost, because hot water can set the stain making it difficult to remove.

Never put them in the dryer.  Lay your jeans flat on a towel to dry, or hang them on the clothesline, so that the jean is not folded over.  Putting them in the dryer will damage the veracity of the garment and lose much of its pigment. If you are short of time, dry your denim in the dryer until they are moist and then hang them out. Pay attention to any special wash care instructions that is listed on the label.  When in doubt, just dry clean them. 

 A tip: A great way to get rid of the wrinkles is to hang your jeans in the shower.  The steam that comes out while you’re showering will even out the wrinkles.


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