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22 December 2011

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How to look attractive at work without using too much make-up

Make up to office should always appear subtle and subdued. A little make-up goes a long way in hiding the flaws and giving a presentable look. Research shows time and again that the more appealing and presentable one looks, the more chances are for them to earn promotions, raise or appraisals. Sadly for many women, applying make-up for work is still a struggle. Remember, make-up at work place should be simple, subtle yet presentable. Here are few tips on it.

Opt for colors that are more neutral such as subtle or earthy tones. This appears professional and makes you look confident. If a person wears loud or bright colors in a corporate environment she may not be taken seriously. You need to be subtle in your make-up, after all you would like to be noticed for the work you do.

Step 1:

Start with tinted oil – free moisturizer. Apply to the entire face and allow it to set for few minutes. You can skip the foundation if you prefer. However, if you do not have a smooth complexion, you can wear it by mixing it with water to make it transparent. Use a foundation that matches your natural color.  To cover the blemishes you may need to apply a concealer.  To highlight your cheeks, use a blush that is of our natural flushed color. On the other hand, if you have a clear skin, a natural color blush and some simple powder can do the trick.

Step 2:

Next is the eye make –up. If you are using an eye shadow, use a neutral color one onto your eyelids to compliment your eye color.  You can either make use of a Kajal or eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner on the upper eye. Use colors that match your hair.  Finish it with a quick coat of mascara. Apply enough mascara to split your lashes, giving it a natural look. If necessary, define your brows using a pencil that is of the same color as your hair. Always keep your brows neatly groomed.

Step 3:

Lastly apply lipstick. Stay away from bright or very dark colors of lipstick shades for work.  They do not appear professional or appealing in a workplace. You can perhaps play with colors for after-work party but it’s definitely not the appropriate one for an everyday professional look. To make it appear more natural, apply the blush color to your lips and finish it with a neat light lip gloss. For many, a gloss offers more than enough color. Avoid lining your lips as it will draw too much attention to them, as the rest of your make-up is simple. Opt for quality make-up products as it appears neat and is also good for your skin.

A final tip: While make-up is the cornerstone in framing your personality in a corporate environment, always remember that less is more.

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