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18 December 2011

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How to get the hairstyle you want ?

Firstly, pick up the right kind of stylist. For instance you have curly hair, look for a stylist who does a great job on curly hair types. Likewise, if you want to color your hair blonde, find out a hairstylist who colors hair really well.  Don’t ever say, “Do anything you want.” It is never a good idea to give your hair entirely over to a stylist. Well, you don’t want to end up being a victim of trial for your stylist, do you? 

Get to know your hair. Find out if it is dry, fine, coarse, greasy or frizzy. Once you know your hair type it would be easy for you and your stylist to decide on a cut.

Get a friend along or a picture of hair cut you like to show it to your stylist.  A good stylist will suggest what she/he can proceed with to give you the similar look you want. Be ready to compromise. If the lady in the picture has a blonde hair color with a razor cut and you’d look better with a different styling, chances are you won’t know, but your stylist will.  Hence it’s good to listen.

Never be pushed into something you are uncomfortable with. After all, you have to live with your hairstyle and not your stylist. Hence speak up.  Inform your stylist about your lifestyle likes and dislikes. This would help him/her to give you the cut you prefer. And, always be honest with your stylist. If your morning routine involves a hair wash and a quick towel dry inform him/her accordingly. Or, you might be given a cut that would take ample amount of your time to maintain.

If you are doubtful about something ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask about your hair type, the color that would suit you, the styling products or even how to blow dry your hair. Remember, communication is everything when you want a good hair styling.

Discuss everything you want before your stylist starts snipping your hair. Telling her what you prefer while she is cutting distracts her attention and you might irritate her. Schedule a 15 minutes discussion with the stylist beforehand.


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